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  1. I wish i knew where my pliers went... :(

  2. stinkoman

    How do I make this bikini top?

    How's the teeny ringed bikini feeling? Does it feel a million times nicer than a bigger ringed bikini?
  3. stinkoman

    How do I make this bikini top?

    Peach, that's EXACTLY what I was looking for! I love you so much!
  4. stinkoman

    How do I make this bikini top?

    Hmm, does anyone off hand have the pattern for this? I remember seeing one a while back, but am having trouble finding it. Either the standard "M" or the inverted "M" would be great. Thanks in advance guys. similar to this one: http://www.mailleartisans.org/articles/pics/3701elex-004-bikinicupdiagram.gif But if I remember there's one that says how to do the measurements too.
  5. stinkoman

    Red Rings Needed

    I suppose you could just buy an Xbox...
  6. stinkoman

    Handflower commission Help pricing?

    Thank you for the concern, but copper does not do that with her, nor does it with me. I assume skin chemistry has to do with this, but I'm not a chemist.
  7. stinkoman

    Handflower commission Help pricing?

    I know for a fact that copper doesn't turn her skin green on hot days, and as for pricing, I know the rant well, but that really only puts up a minimum price; I would like to know what they sell for on average. But thank you for suggesting small Byz. I can do that easily.
  8. My good friend sent this message to me So I would like to make her a handflower. My available metals are 18 and 20 gauge brass bronze copper and aluminum. I also have 14 gauge copper. I honestly am not sure what weave types to use or prices. I figure I will come up with a price for anyone, and then give her a 10 or 20% discount. Any suggestions as to weaves? or what you guys sell Handflowers for? I understand pricing formulas, but I would like to know what people actually sell them for. Thanks in advance everyone!
  9. stinkoman

    Japanese ring

  10. stinkoman

    AA 6 petal flower

    Thank you kindly!
  11. stinkoman

    Inverted M Bikini Pattern

    I saw a while ago a pattern for a chainmaille bikini that was sort of upside down of what is on the MAILE archives. I believe it was called "Inverted M". Does anyone have a copy of this pattern?
  12. stinkoman

    AA 6 petal flower

    Any chance at ring sizes maybe? These look wonderfully better than The two rows of three!
  13. stinkoman

    Help not so Shiny copper clad aluminum rings

    The best way to deal with this problem is to do a quick search on the forum for this answer. It has been answered many times. You could probably even find an answer on Google. Practice your Google Fu.
  14. stinkoman

    CD Rack (Pics!)

    Ahem, doesn't Ikea make you assemble it yourself?
  15. stinkoman

    Hauberk Kit Question

    I was looking into getting an armor grade galvy 'berk kit, but it's out of stock. I did some poking around and noticed that there is MORE than enough galvy and bronze in stock in 1438. Any pliers that I could see being used for armor making are in stock, and other Hauberk kits are in stock. I don't particularly NEED tools, they'd be nice but it's cheaper to buy the kit than the rings anyway, and I don't exactly NEED the instructions, but there should be some lying around anyway because other kits are in stock. Is this just the kit hasn't been put together? Can this be done or can I just get rings for the kit price? If there's something I'm missing entirely, then sorry; I thought I had looked at every aspect of this. Sincerely, Stinkoman