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  1. I have just started making mail jewelry, and I am lucky enough to work at a locally owned business (service oriented shoe store) where my boss, the owner, is kind enough to let me put my stuff on his front counter to sell, without taking a cut. I've started in bright and anodized aluminum. I've been using the formula cost + $10 hour + 5% overhead + 20% profit, rounded up to the nearest $2.50, which I consider my wholesale price, and then putting that at key (double wholesale) for the retail. This leads me to an average of $30 for the bracelets and $10 for the earrings. I'm using mostly 18g rings in 5/32", 3/16" and 1/4". I've posted a picture of my favorite piece. I am also making Byzantine, full and half Persian, helm chain, and helm chain flowers. For simplicity's sake, I've priced all the bracelets at $30 and all the earrings at $10. The bracelets take, on average, around an hour to make. Am I charging a price that is fair both to me and my customer? 5/32" 18g bright aluminum rings, 1/4" 16g for the big connecting rings, 6mm amethyst beads, plated brass clasp. About 7.5" long