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  1. I'm wondering what proportion of folks here do maille for money, and how much they make. Also, madd-vyking suggested polling on how long folks have been doing chainmaille. Voteificate! Also, if your board theme is dark and you can't see the poll, either highlight the poll section or change your board theme to light by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and click "change theme".
  2. Zeroignite

    Post your workspace!

    I took a snapshot of my work area the other day. It's a tad cramped. I also decided that my unused bottle of General Tso's sauce would be the perfect jig to hold my work-in-progress bag in a convenient position...
  3. Zeroignite

    Hi, another person new to this forum..

    Holy crap that is beautiful work! It looks so well fitted.
  4. Zeroignite

    Digital credit card processing

    Thanks, BlindMaille, for expressing something I wanted to but couldn't come up with good words for. Tons of trans* people can't afford or are otherwise unable to change their documents.
  5. Zeroignite

    Hanging an Inlay

    Beautiful inlay --- what's the writing translate as? Looking forward to seeing how you hang this.
  6. Zeroignite

    Stainless Steel Shot Ruined?

    Just to be sure since you didn't mention it, the tumbler had water (enough to cover the shot) in it, right?
  7. Zeroignite

    TRL welcomes Jodey to the team!

    Are you moving to TRL headquarters?
  8. Zeroignite

    TRL welcomes Jodey to the team!

    Awesome! TRL just got 20% cooler. <3 bikepartjewelry
  9. Zeroignite

    Scale Bat Suit

    Awesome work, but I can't stop thinking "batbulge"
  10. Zeroignite

    New User Thread

    Lots of people have made metal bikini bottoms --- check out the adult forum, we're open and friendly. FWIW, I'm another pliers-wielding girl here
  11. Zeroignite

    Frost Color

    Heeh, I've called the color "moon" on several of my pieces
  12. Zeroignite

    Scaled War Kilt ...

    Bad. Ass. EDIT: what's the total weight? Also, is that custom leatherwork?
  13. Zeroignite

    What's in a name?

    Or, to put it another way, some cultures feel it's necessary to regulate people's bodies. There's an ongoing thread in the Adult subforum that's veered into discussion about breasts in public...
  14. Zeroignite

    Wire loosing luster

    I did a test run once on TRL anodized aluminum --- Rio Grande stainless shot overnight, possibly longer. The rings looked exactly the same coming out as they did going in, so I'm gonna call tumbling AA safe. Makes since, as the aluminum oxide coating is decently thick and FAR harder than stainless.
  15. Zeroignite

    Prong Settings

    I've used a shared pickle pot for copper and silver, and there's little if any transfer... the most I've noticed is some pinkening.
  16. Zeroignite

    We got 3 new hermit crabs :)

  17. Zeroignite

    We got 3 new hermit crabs :)

    So for hermit crabs, do you basically give them a ton of shells in the habitat and let them pick favorites? Do you color ones they move in to after the fact?
  18. Zeroignite

    Dragons Back

    My two rings, interwoven 4-in-1 looks at least as good as dragonback, plus is more stable and possibly faster to weave http://cgmaille.com/tutorials/i4-1.shtml
  19. Zeroignite

    Desert Bus For Hope

    Like like like like like like. <3 Desert Bus. Is this for the craft-a-long?
  20. Zeroignite

    Newbie question on first project

    I wanna do more micro but TRL's ring selection isn't as good and I don't have the space/money to wind my own. I have a finger ring made from TRL 24ga Ti in HP4-1.
  21. Zeroignite

    Newbie question on first project

    Maybe s'just because I do roundmaille in TRL 20ga 1/8th
  22. Zeroignite

    Newbie question on first project

    That looks like a relatively low AR for box, giving it a limited flex and rectangular profile. Roundmaille is also a great weave, but is really labor intensive
  23. Zeroignite

    Help identify this weave, please?

    I recognized it as a helm variant when I looked at it. Gratz on inventing a weave! How're the flexibility/stability properties? And "sprockets" is a great name
  24. Zeroignite

    Help identify this weave, please?

    I don't know what it is, but that's a neat use of orbitals
  25. Zeroignite

    28 gauge gold wire