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  1. Bornofashes

    Scale sizes questions

    Thanks for the response. My intention is to build a spaulder and a 'belt favor'.
  2. Bornofashes

    Beaded Maille

  3. Bornofashes

    Scale sizes questions

    I'm wanting to work on a scale project, and I think I've gotten ahold of the wrong jumprings for the project. I purchased the small scales from TRL, but don't know which jumprings I should get (Stainless Steel). Which do you guys recommend? When I follow the instructions, there is just too much ring left over - I think I bought 16516.
  4. Bornofashes

    The right weave for the job

    Great responses, but I'm afraid I was unclear. I wasn't asking what I should learn, I was just curious what purposes others used for weaves. A perfect example, the helm chain for the straps. Very inventive and I'm sure looks good. I used my keychain/border example to try and clarify... guess it didn't work.
  5. Bornofashes

    The right weave for the job

    I'm curious about some opinions on picking the right weave for the job. When dealing with chain, do you look at cool weaves to decide the project, or do you take on projects and then learn/pick the weave? As an example, I normally use Full-Persian 6-in-1 for key chains and borders. I like the ropey look/feel of the weave and it is rigid enough for most projects. I love dragonsback and dragonscale, for belts, and use others for different work. I'm curious if anyone had any opinions, specifically on JPL, and Orbitals. JPL is a beautiful weave, and something I'll probably add to my arsenal - but I'm curious if anyone has any opinions on certain weaves for certain projects.