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  1. wxdruid

    Creating a respectable booth for events

    I've done a few shows now, and taken pictures of the front and the rear. I'm curious what others think about my booth here. What I could improve, do differently? I'm currently limited on space (since I don't yet want to pay for a bigger booth) so I have a 6 or 8 foot table. My plans for the new year are designing/purchasing a banner, buying backdrop stuff with ways to display more jewelry and getting my own fold up 6 foot table. Any thoughts on how I can possibly improve my current set up? I can currently fit everything into a Saturn VUE with a little extra space. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.390715164397033.1073741830.221274888007729&type=3
  2. wxdruid

    new to the forum, thought i would show my work.

    I love the cat guard on the easy chair.
  3. wxdruid

    Looking for Display Advice

    I put a selection of my stretchy bracelets (made with rubber rings and AA) in a bin near the front of my table and people seem to enjoy handling those and looking at everything else at the same time.
  4. wxdruid

    Average time to weave a Coif

    Thanks, that's the type of information I'm looking for. Anyone else have information?
  5. I know someone who has been very persistent in asking about me making a chainmail coif for him, I can easily figure out the cost of the supplies, what I don't know, is the approximate amount of time it would take me to make one. So...I would like to hear from the good people on this forum about the average amount of time you take to create a coif using The Ring Lord's instructions? I already know that no one else's time will match mine, so I'm just looking for averages. Longest, shortest, problems encountered, etc...
  6. I'm just dying of curiosity to see the end results, but I don't want to be pushy... has there been any word on this yet?
  7. wxdruid

    Do you have a favorite piece

    My hair is down to my fingertips and getting longer. I usually keep in a braid to keep it untangled.
  8. wxdruid

    Do you have a favorite piece

    Here is the completed headdress...my mind is already thinking of variations.
  9. wxdruid

    Do you have a favorite piece

    I think my favorite one is the belt I made for myself and then turned into a banner for ads and my Etsy shop. I'm currently making a chainmail headdress to go with it. ">
  10. Received my tax return, put in my largest order of rings yet, now I can't wait to get them and sort them and admire them... and then make chainmail from them. =)

    1. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      How about hug them, and pet them, and squeeze them and call them George? That's what I do.

    2. madd-vyking
    3. Milquetoast


      Glad I'm not the only one who likes to anthropomorphize his rings, Bernice!

  11. The best I can think of with the books I have, is a variation on the Olivia weave.
  12. Here is my entry. A bracelet made using The Ring Lord's glass donuts. I used 18 gauge - 1/4", 3/16" and 5/32" with the red glass donuts and green beads.
  13. wxdruid


    Bracelet made using The Ring Lord's glass donuts.
  14. wxdruid

    To Etsy, or not to Etsy, that is the question

    Yeah, I have added a Facebook page for WXdruid Chainmail (stupid facebook wouldn't let me use all lower case) and I have a Pinterest account as well. I'm also working on finding more craft shows that I can get a spot at. The forums did some strange things, so I deleted the extra posts...
  15. wxdruid

    To Etsy, or not to Etsy, that is the question

    I have started using Project Wonderful for advertising on other sites. It's easy to use and I have gotten views on Etsy by people clicking on my ads. I also put a post on my local meetup site (where I sold 3 items to a local). Otherwise, I have found that periodically adding new items adds to my views.