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  1. I would like to know why trl does not offer welded 2-1 round rings chains in stainless steel? Ive got a design that needs like more than 6 times its final lenght in 3/32 20g 2-1 chain. I am currently doing a prototype in butted aluminium rings but since people always ask if i could do stainless ( i figured i could make an easy profit since stainless has a better perceived value)
  2. JPC

    Pig Knight

    Can he still move with all that gear? Cute
  3. The coif looks awesome, you should look at color combinations that would work well like black and silver... or green and yellow for a fruity pineapple look. (Edit) Trying to sell maille to other maillers has already been discussed before a lot on the forum: you might not get a lot of sales from those who pratice the art but the folks here will gladly give you advice on selling if you ask them. That being said, your scale designs are original, you might get some sales form non-mailler that lurk on the forum once your reputation is established here. Watch, sometimes people come here and ask for commissions. Most will gladly give you advice and inspiration if you need some but you do not seem to need the latter.
  4. JPC

    Has anyone made Maille from crush washers?

    Tried making some mail with split washers when i began ,but switched to trl rings, since the washers i had on hand required wrestling with a bench mounted vice and locking pliers to close properly.( approx 1/8 thick 6/32 large hard steel 1/2 id). If you were to weld such rings together that would make something pretty resistant but nowhere near bulletproof
  5. JPC

    Fun new thing I made... a 3-sided mobius strip

    Looks really nice, you could add something in the middle and make an awesome pendant.
  6. JPC

    Wallet chain for the extreme

    Looks strong with titanium a at least 2 rings have to fail for you to lose your keys.
  7. JPC

    other hobbies

    Yeah i know that feeling of getting it to work , configuration can be a pain when you choose some of the hardest and least documented option on a source based distro on linux. (no insert cd and 20 minute later its plug n play ready) At least i learn how it works by configuring it and have a clue how to fix it if i break it. I can imagine how coding can be long if spend a few hours tweaking my conky sytem monitor) Got a asus gaming laptop that does not fear compiling(dual fan, i7 16GBram) backed by 2 old computers to assist it with distcc on a cat6 gigabit network i wired myself for my room last winter.
  8. JPC

    other hobbies

    That makes a lot of hobbies. Coding is something i would like to learn someday, but for now i am using linux and setting up a home cluster/media center with gentoo while learning how to set the security level as high as i can.
  9. JPC


    Wait for specials , somethimes a full set like the one in the picture in the previous post can go to a very low price. Got 2 sets like that for 15$ each a few years ago.
  10. JPC

    shaggy stretch scale cuff

    Nice work, the color assortement has a tropical feel like annanas.
  11. JPC

    Micro Chainmaile Top

    20g 3/32 is indeed insane. Can imagine how long it can be since it took me a few hours to make a small bracelet in that same size, your work probably took months.
  12. JPC

    other hobbies

    I do woodworking ,some machining (got a lathe in dad's garage) and mainly archery. When i shoot for fun at the club i usually grab any bow, left or right, remove the sight and hone my instinctive ambidextrous shooting. Otherwise when i'm serious, i use my right handed compound bow.I might get or make a wooden bow somethime but my archery budget went on customising my main bow.
  13. 5/32 is a nice size especialy in 18ga but if you intend on making a shirt with that size of rings i will take a lot of them (100k+) plus in 22ga butted stainless it will probably not be as strong as you would want.
  14. JPC

    Touching up plier edges and faces

    Did go up to at least 1200 on my pliers and truth be told the bright aluminium rings have scratched the finish on my most used pair. Going for a higher finish would be a waste of time. Try finding a flat surface like a mirror for the final lapping and your pliers should be good for long.
  15. JPC

    Making chainmail from Tungsten

    Just remebered about Water-jet-guided Laser technology, maybe that would work better.