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  1. krigersk

    Octopus lamp

    Wicked sweet. Beautiful work.
  2. krigersk

    To Etsy, or not to Etsy, that is the question

    Here is something you can look in to that I do. I'm in the SCA (www.sca.org). The SCA is everywhere and have events constently. I pay a membership fee of $30 a year. It's usually about $15 to get into the event for the weekend. You usually end up selling on Friday and Saturday. There are some events that are a week or two long. I usually bring in anywhere from $500-$1500 in a single event depending on the event. -Krig
  3. krigersk

    Wire loosing luster

    The tumbling thread is fine and all, but my main concern is anodized rings. The tumbling thread is a lot of banter about methods for non-anodized rings. Is there a better way to coil anodized wire? How do you guys and gals coil it? -Krig
  4. krigersk

    Wire loosing luster

    Hmm, out of curiosity, how does tumbling brighten them back up? I always thought that was more for removing burs. -Krig
  5. krigersk

    Wire loosing luster

    So, when I'm coiling either Niobium or small gauge bright aluminum they tend to loose their shine. It rubs off on my fingers. Has anyone else experienced this and figured out how to get around this. - Krig
  6. krigersk

    22g 3/32 Black

    I can get wire at the store locally, but I just wanted to check to make sure I wasn't just missing them somehow.
  7. krigersk

    22g 3/32 Black

    So, am I just retarded or are there no 22g 3/32 black rings on the site? I have a customer that needs them. -Krig
  8. krigersk

    Jap 4-1 Bikini Help

    Thank you for your inputs. I know I'm quite late in getting back to it. -Krig
  9. krigersk

    Jap 4-1 Bikini Help

    I've always just made three equal square and put them together. I make the lenths of each square half the length of the base of the breast. The cups have always fit well doing that. I just didn't know if I had to make any special adjustments for the size being a little more than double the usual size I make. Krig
  10. krigersk

    IMG 20130429 205640

    That sir, is geneous. Why didn't I think of that lol?
  11. krigersk

    Jap 4-1 Bikini Help

    So, I have made a few of the attached tops for people. Until now they have all been for smaller breasted individuals. I now have to make one for a "D" cup. I will not be able to fit it in person. She is aware it may not fit perfectly. She is fine with that because we will meet again at other SCA events and I can adjust it then. My question is, Is there any tips I should know about making a larger sized top? Tips such as adding additional ring between the cups. I would love for it to fit perfectly when she tries it on for the first time. She is not large herself. Just her breast. Thanks in advance. -Krig
  12. krigersk

    SCA Squire Gift

    Master Geoffrey was here in my shire fighting/authorizing two people a few weeks ago. If you know Bjorn and temair, they live in the town I live in. It's because of them Geoffrey visits here as much as he does. We stayed in his household the last Castle Wars. We are staying were we're vending this time so I don't have to move my goods much. He is quite an entertaining fellow to be sure. -Krig
  13. krigersk

    SCA Squire Gift

    The next event I will be going to is Fool's War in Macon GA. It starts on the 12th of April. If you end up going, look for the vendor with tons of fur and maille. -Krig
  14. krigersk

    Obligatory Dice Pouch

    I still haven't made one. I agree everyone needs to at some point. The small rings do look quite nice. - Krig
  15. krigersk

    Wolf Teeth and Wire!

    Indeed, you have led the way to pictures Madd, thanks. I decided to go with Blind Mailles' idea. I used coper wire making a Valknut for the finishing touch. I clearly need practice, but it's a start. I saw a wrap a fellow did on etsy that looks awesome. He was nice enough to show me how he did the back. I am going to attempt to do that one later. - Krig