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  1. tha_joeffy

    Help with dragon scale

    alrighty folks, i'm working on a pair of dragon scale bracers for a friend. he wants black stainless rings used. i placed an order using a suggested ring size of 18g 1/4 and 16g 3/8. now while these work fairly well, he has expressed that the pattern was "kinda small looking". can anyone suggest larger ring sizes that i might use for the pattern? i dont mind switching to Alum if i need to for the sizes. id like to use a 14g 1/2 or 12g 1/2 for the large rings if i can. thanks for your help
  2. got about a week till i get my order. can't freaking wait!!! :)

  3. tha_joeffy

    current project

    right now i am taking any colors that i can get. i haven't decided on an inlay pattern yet so i don't know what i'll need. i figured once i finished the coat id see what i had and go from there. right now i have a sandwich baggie about 1/3 full of red, blue, orange, light green, and dark green. if any one would like to suggest an inlay pattern id be happy to hear it.
  4. tha_joeffy

    current project

    if anyone wants to donate colored tabs to the cause i'd be more than happy to accept them
  5. tha_joeffy

    current project

    yeah, i had a lot of help collecting the tabs thankfully. i couldn't have done it by myself. it is my plan to weave a pattern of colored tabs into the back but it is taking supper long to collect the colored tabs.
  6. tha_joeffy

    what i,ve been up to

    sorry,. i got the butterflys at hobby lobby but i think they stopped carrying them.
  7. tha_joeffy

    Necklace : Request for comments

    i dig it
  8. tha_joeffy

    what i,ve been up to

    here ya go. i bought a bunch of these. they're actually bracelet pieces but i cut the loops off the back of it. i had made another one similar to this one but with the butterfly on the center, not hanging from it. sadly i dont have a pic of that one.
  9. tha_joeffy

    what i,ve been up to

    i braded a strand of hemp and made the CIR around it.
  10. tha_joeffy

    current project

    Yeah. Thankfully i have a bunch of buds that love beer!
  11. tha_joeffy

    what i,ve been up to

    im pretty sure you can purchase the beads @ "SteveSpanglerScience.com"
  12. tha_joeffy

    current project

    here is what i am working on right now. its is going to be a trench coat. its been quite fun and very frustrating, but i'm lovin' it. i'm hoping to get the sleeves done and have it wrapped up in the next week or so.
  13. tha_joeffy

    what i,ve been up to

    haven't posted anything in some time, but here's some pics of what i've been working on. i got the beads for these from an uncle of mine that works at Eastman. they're UV and only change from white in the sun light. i think they look sweet. this is the first little purse i've made. it measures about 4-1/2"x5-1/2". i was told by a friend of mine that its just the right size for going out. for most of these i used 18g 3/16 alum and rubber rings.
  14. tha_joeffy

    Japanese necklace with beads #2.

    oooooh, pretty! stats please.
  15. tha_joeffy

    Dice Bag!

    ah, the ol' dice bag. it is a great project. i never get tired of seeing them. i love making them too. i think every one should do at least one. and your looks very good.