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  1. Can I assume that this new tariff does NOT effect Bronze, Brass or Titanium? (or any of the precious metals, for that matter) what about AA wire?
  2. Bright Aluminum is 5356 Aluminum MiG wire.
  3. thanks D.
  4. Any idea the name of the wrought iron supplier? Wrought iron and mild steel behave entirely differently. I *have* used mild steel for this type of project before but again, I would like for it to be historically correct material, as maille smiths of the period would have used. David
  5. I know I saw a post on here many moons ago, but I seem to have lost the link. Does anyone know a source for honest-to-goodness WROUGHT IRON (not mild steel) wire? Wanted to make some historically-correct riveted maille and have neither a bloomery, nor a drawplate (although, if I had a bloomery, I suppose I could manually draw an ingot into wire). Thanks all, David
  6. I'm glad you made it out safely, but really...this didn't answer anything to the question at hand. I make jacket backs, epulets, boot bands (kind of like spurs strapping), pretty much anything in stainless will sell well. Jacket Back, by the way:
  7. Well, I finally made what I think is my first truly usable piece. A cheese slicer, made of 3/8 round stock (mild steel), squared, flattened, drawn and twisted. Wire is 0.035" diameter 5356 Aluminum. Wire-brush finished. The handle didn't quite turn out as I had originally planned. was working in near dark (5:00 pm December 4th in Northern New England) and night-blinded a bit by my forge, so all things considered, I guess it turned out ok. [---DIAL-UP WARNING! NON-RESIZED PIC---] http://www.wolfsdenarmoury.com/images/blacksmithing/who%20cut%20the%20cheese.jpg Comments? Suggestions? Cheesecake? David
  8. would be some massively thick wire.... 1.75" diameter (if I did my math right) 7 / 16 = 0.4375 0.4375 x 4 = 1.75
  9. Well, the first one I made (which also happened to be the first one) I used 14g 1/2" for the large rings, 16g 1/4" for the smaller rings and 18g 3/16" (for the star tips). Hope this helps, David
  10. Welcome back, Lady Ronin! Been a while! We got a new fur baby in our house right after Halloween. Shane called us up the morning of November 1st... "Mom...I was out on Cabbage Night and I found a box and well....it was crying." So, everyone, meet "Little Bit" Just a teeny little thing. Curls up with our miniature dachshund, Brandy most nights. She was almost dead from starvation when we got her, poor thing. It's been three weeks now and she's filling out quite nicely. I think she's going to make it. David
  11. Turned out really Nice, Ess. If that's your eye reflected in the ear ring card, I think I'd have it checked...looks a bit jaundiced to me. David
  12. Brass would be nice. Do you have a tumbler? You could try Gold AA, tumbled in a soft media like crushed corn cob. Might bring enough shine to it.
  13. I thought so too, then I looked at the vinyl siding behind it and it follows the line exactly (at least apparently from the distance of the photograph) Looks like a great deck, Whitesmoke! This spring *I* will be building a 7'x14' enclosure for my smithy (Blacksmithing forge and other blacksmithing equipment and tools) David
  14. Cynake's wonderful, incredibly supportive and well-meaning missive aside (and it was good, cynake...I actually laughed out loud at a couple of them!).... Eyeglasses in the Middle Ages seems to be a bone of contention with Allerion.... How about these pictures? The earliest artistic representtion of eyeglasses...from approximately 1352 A clerical reader From c. 1435 "Reading St. Peter" -- Friedrich Herlin c. 1466 These Medieval enough for you? simply put... Glasses are period. It just depends on the frames David
  15. Or maybe this is one of the pieces made for an upcoming fashion show... Stats are simple.... 2 left-over pieces of 22g 5/32" ID Welded maille from TRL Cheapo sunglasses from the Dollar store (after I popped the lenses out) Not sure if wearing my glasses in this photo of maille is a good thing or not, but..the hell with it. David