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  1. Martin

    Making rings vs buying rings

    That seems to be a DIY version of my Ringinators. Seems nicely made.
  2. I just submitted my jump ring cutting tool, the Ringinator, to this competition. Now I need your help to win it! Click the link, and vote for me! I only need about 20 more to win! http://www.bocabearings.com/innovation-contest/ContestantDetails.aspx?ProjectID=209 You can vote with facebook, or by entering your email address. (This is just for vote verification, and to stop people from voting more than once a month. You wont get spammed or anything like that.) Thanks everyone!
  3. http://www.mailleartisans.org/board/viewtopic.php?t=4948 The original build thread was on the old-old-old TRL forum that was purged a few years ago :/
  4. Martin

    Chinese Mountain Armor

    That is very nice. Good work. How flexible is the sheet?
  5. Martin

    [Question] Ringinator

    Those are older models that are currently discontinued and no longer available. The EZ is the model currently available for sale.
  6. Martin

    Chinese Mountain Armor

    Since this thread was first started 5 years ago, I now have the cnc & metalworking equipment to make the dies and parts needed to make such metal scales. I'd be interested in giving it another try.
  7. Martin

    Saw Cutting Question

    Neat design! Got any pics from other angles?
  8. Martin

    Large SplitRing Hauberk + Odinblade

    PM isnt working, send me an email: info ringinator com
  9. Martin

    FS: 12" 85 piece rod set

    You mentioned 3 foot rods, I didnt see it was for a set of 12" ones. I suppose you are cutting them down? I aint trolling, see my sig I use up to 6 foot rods in my coilers. But if they arent totally straight they wobble at speed.
  10. Martin

    FS: 12" 85 piece rod set

    How straight are these rods? Do they wobble at all when they are spun up to 3600prm?
  11. Martin

    Large SplitRing Hauberk + Odinblade

    I'll trade ya a Ringinator or a meteorite for the shirt. Not interested in the sword though.
  12. Martin

    Matte coloured rings

    There is some here: http://theringlord.com/cart/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=188&cat=20g+Enamelled+Copper+Wire
  13. Martin

    Matte coloured rings

    Using it as-is should work just fine. I've never noticed scratching on any of the rings I've made. If you do notice any, a bit of masking tape applied to the V groove will fix that. So the coil slides on the tape instead of on the metal.
  14. Martin

    Clear + Black Polycarbonate Scales

    Are they laser cut or injection molded? Are they as thin as the metal scales? How tough are they? And how easy do they break? That thin point by the hole seems fragile...
  15. Martin

    Cutting Coils

    For cutting coils my suggestion would be to get a Ringinator.
  16. Martin

    does anyone else sell maille fabric besids trl and mailletec?

    How much? Because that is a machine I would like to build... We've reached the point where tech can easily do that. Along with a vibratory feeder and ring positioner. A couple Kuka, Fanuc, or ABB robot arms could be programmed to weave rings using the new teachable movements features. Instead of programming every single movement by hand, you just "move" the robot by hand, doing the actions you want it to do, and it records the motion.
  17. Martin

    Ti anodization problems!

    Use a plastic basket and a titanium anode. Like a piece of wire. Submerge the rings in the basket in the solution, then touch them with the energized anode and they should color.
  18. Martin

    Pepetools "JRM2" New Jump Ring Maker - Made In USA!

    Those are some nice renders. So David was set loose on a Solidworks station. I see had I taken his offer of free CAD rendering services he would have done a nice job for sure. .
  19. Martin

    I remember this busier.

    Well, as an older member, one can only answer the same questions so many times before it stops being fun. So there is a lot of lurking going on, as well as people just getting bored and moving onto other hobbies.
  20. Martin

    De-Anodizing Titanium?

    You need Multi-etch from ReactiveMetals. That stuff takes off the anodized coating off of Ti.
  21. Martin


    I wanted to make something completely non-maille related for a change. http://imgur.com/a/CCZCM
  22. Martin

    Ringinator Issues and Production Questions

    You, and quite a few others. And I have something special in the works that's almost ready. If handsfree coiling makes you say neat, this tool will make you say wow. I sell a reservoir that bolts underneath, to add constant liquid cooling to the Jr and Sr. Send me an email. http://cdn.shopify.c...7_1024x1024.jpg On #2, got any pics? You're the first person to bring this up, so I am a bit curious.
  23. Martin


    Just a hair under 20lbs total. Each block is about 2oz. Anodized would be cool, but I am positive they would chip upon a collapse. And then they would just look bad. They are rounded because they just look cooler than a square, and there are no sharp edges to nick things, or to get deformed. One chipped corner with a small burr, and they would stop sliding in/out correctly. When I make a titanium one, those will be anodized for sure. And those will look fantastic.
  24. Martin


    Ok, fixed. There was an errant space in the URL.
  25. Martin

    Clasps for Men's Bracelets

    The thin post is a barbed shape that locks into the barrel. A wiggle and a strong tug is all it takes to separate it.