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    Soon to be chem teacher, enjoys metal, yarn, breasts, and cats
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  1. littlebreezy

    Custom Helm Collar

    oh dear god that is cute. What are you using for a clasp/closure? I tend to try to incorporate rubber rings into my maille cat collars, so there is no risk of them hurting themselves.
  2. littlebreezy

    Steampunk Maille

    I'm wondering, how did you attach the HP3-1 trim to the edge of the hat?
  3. littlebreezy

    opinions on nickel-free clasps

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me their experiences with the nickel-free trigger clasps offered by TRL. They are about 2/3 of the way down this page. Do they tarnish? How durable are they? I'm looking for something cheaper than stainless or silver for some of my more playful aluminum designs, and wanted to find out more before I potentially ordered a whole bunch of them. Thanks for any help.
  4. littlebreezy

    Japanese Dragonscale

    huh, this weave's connectivity looks like helmchain split or "broadened out" to make a sheet weave... Does anyone else see this?
  5. littlebreezy

    Bracelet. What pattern is it?

    Hmm, now I really want to see this done with other japanese-weave structures, like the 60-degree jap6-1, if you consider this to be based on jap4-1... I'm thinking I may just need to get a pound of EPDM links... they're so damn useful
  6. littlebreezy

    "Diamond" choker

    @Leonardo It is really comfortable, I go with the cat collar rule of being able to fit two fingers under the collar at minimum. The stretchyness is helpful too. The only problem I've been having with it is getting stuck on my hair, but that's likely due to the small links being saw-cut and me being a bit lazy about pushing them together
  7. littlebreezy

    "Diamond" choker

    I was playing around with rubber rings (one of my favorite vices) and came up with some strange connectivity. It is very similar to celtic visions missing a ring, or gridlock with an extra ring. Also, the weave only seems to hold this shape especially well when there are rubber rings in the location where the black ones are in this sample. I'm not sure if this is a new weave or variant, as it wasn't on M.A.I.L., but it seems like such a minor difference in structure, even if I built it very strangely when compared to the tutorials for these two... now aside from the technical discussion, I made somethin' pretty! 18316 purple AA and black EPDM 2018 BA
  8. littlebreezy

    Pre-bagged Product Benefits

    having fun weaving in some puns?
  9. littlebreezy

    Evening Gowns and Chainmaille?!?

    I love finding ways to combine chainmaille and clothing, just make sure it's removable for washing!
  10. littlebreezy

    Pre-bagged Product Benefits

    Sweet, the easy rip-open bags make me think of "ring MREs" y'know, for craft emergencies
  11. littlebreezy

    First timer (picture heavy)

    all I can think of with the whirlybird earrings is "nautilus"
  12. littlebreezy


    Wow! I keep a folder on my computer of "inspiration pics" and a bunch of this thread is now residing in there, especially the beads one. I love the curvy byzantine variant on the far left, thats a brilliant idea with the large links.
  13. littlebreezy

    Copper Bracelet

    I love dumpster-copper, it will always have a special place in my heart as it was what I learned maille on initially. A local school was getting rewired one summer, so I grabbed, stripped, and wound about 10lb of the stuff... without a wire stripper
  14. littlebreezy

    What tools do you use when weaving?

    a pair of pliers, usually chain-nosed, when I'm picking something up they're just held with my thumb and last two fingers. This leaves my index and middle fingers on each hand to juggle rings or a length of chain instead of putting it down, and if I need more force to close something I can add those fingers.
  15. littlebreezy

    new website

    it looks clean, well set up, and easy to navigate, standards I wish many other sites would adhere to. My only minor criticism is that the grey-on-grey titles are a slight pain to read, maybe darken the text a bit so they're a bit easier to see?