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    I made a chainmaille shirt I so I wouldn't have to do a prop project for my theatre degree.
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    Lighting designer/crew chief for concert productions
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  1. Thors Minion

    Viking maille jewellery??

    I just got home from visiting the Viking Ship museum, awesome place by the way, and didn't see any maille at all. In the Viking display at the Museum of Cultural History there was a 3-3 chain.
  2. Thors Minion

    Stretch bracelets vs loom bracelets

    I have had the same experience and I suspect it is the rainbow loom phenomenon.
  3. Thors Minion


  4. Dropped my daughter off at University for the first time! Hope she has a great year and sticks with her plan to be a neurologist! I just paid the bill and can no longer retire, ever!

  5. Thors Minion

    Prom Dress

    Euar - Because one side was laced half way, she could take a full stride. Very little restriction on movement. Her walking in 3" heels, that is another matter! Here are some other pics. One of the back, side and close up of the top. BTW: Mailletec was great to deal with! Very helpful and speedy service!
  6. Thors Minion

    Prom Dress

    Now that the prom is under way, I am allowed to post some pictures! I am pleased with how it turned out. My daughter loves it! Mailletec Fabric (22g 5/32")and The Ring Lord 16g 1/4" rings. Haven't weighed it yet, but my daughter says most of the weight is around the hips, so the shoulders are fine!
  7. Thors Minion

    Side View

    Mailletec Fabric (22g 5/32")and The Ring Lord 16g 1/4" rings.
  8. Thors Minion

    Prom Dress Front

    Lacing is half way down one side and full length on the other. Mailletec Fabric (22g 5/32")and The Ring Lord 16g 1/4" rings.
  9. Almost finished my daughter's prom dress! First time using the welded fabric from Maille Tec and I love it! I'm not allowed to post pictures till after the prom though.

    1. mimic


      This sounds so cool. I cannot wait to see the photos and hear her reaction of the dress.

    2. madd-vyking


      Did this happen yet? Got photos? Love to see 'em!

    3. Thors Minion

      Thors Minion

      Search Prom Dress under discussion. I posted three pics. Though I was really pleased with the outcome!

  10. A Ring Lord order and a Maille Tec order all in the same day! Hope my kids don't want dinner tonight!

  11. Thors Minion

    Chainmaille sleeves!!

    Love it!
  12. Happy World Theatre Day!

  13. Thors Minion

    Anyone made JPL in Sterling with TRL rings?

    In case the question comes up again... I've made it with 19g 1/8" and 16g 3/16" both ordered from the Ring Lord. 18g 1/8" doesn't work, or at least I couldn't make it work.
  14. Thors Minion

    Liability Insurance?

    My liability insurance is part of my house policy.
  15. Thors Minion

    Surgical Staples and Chainmail

    I just had an interesting request from a guy I have done custom pieces for in the past. He has just had a triple bypass and wants me to incorporate the staples in bracelets for his kids. I have never seen a surgical staple let alone used one in mail! Should be interesting.