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    I need a bit of Help

    Does anyone know How to do this Shuttle chainmail. ??? Love to make it for my mums best friend She not well I have like in mailleartisans for a tut but can not fine one http://mailleartisan...ay.php?key=1149
  2. smokey dragon


    Oh he's so cute!! love it.... wand one
  3. smokey dragon

    Star of David pendant.

    It`s is my 1st Byzantine Star of David pendant. made with copper rings & blue Beads. Daleann Thank you for shearing your photo & helping me. The Center Was very hard to do.

    © yes

  4. smokey dragon

    mail Man charm

    Thought you might like to see a photo Chainmail Man & Baby. I used smaller rings & got a baby. I saw the Pattern on the internet........... So I had to make it up.... good for kids to do.. ..very Easy to do & Fun.. Yes & you can put some clothed on the man by using different colored metal rings: one color for head different colored ring for hands , another color for the 'shirt' shoulders and upper arms & another color for the legs/pants. "Like I am going to do soon" would make nice key rings to & more things".

    © yes

  5. smokey dragon

    Glow Bracelets

    Is a tuff On this ???. I love it
  6. smokey dragon

    Garter Belt bracelet

    No. its , king`s Scale made two rows wide.
  7. smokey dragon

    Garter Belt bracelet

    Grate fun to make it. It is my 3rd bracelet I have made. Made with copper rings . Garter Belt s smokey dragon Stuff

    © yes

  8. smokey dragon

    Sand Worm bracelet

    It`s is my 2nd Sand Worm Or B8FP bracelet. Made with copper rings & Black anodized aluminum Rings. This is for my best girlfriend .
  9. smokey dragon

    BA Alligator Back

    Beautifully done I love it . I like to make it , is a tut on this ? .
  10. smokey dragon

    My first chainmail snake Sculpture

    My first chainmail snake Sculpture. Made with copper rings & anodized aluminum Rings. for the eyes. made in Full Persian/Foxtail one & haft months to make her.

    © All images and text remain the property of the author and are reproduced here with permission. You must obtain permissio

  11. smokey dragon

    Byzantine Choker

    Is it`s ok if I try to copy Byzantine Choker
  12. smokey dragon


    I love it . must try to made it one day.
  13. smokey dragon


    I love it . I like to try doing one what is it`s name.?
  14. smokey dragon


    Love it.what is ti name?
  15. smokey dragon


    What do you call this weave. ?