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  1. blondguy8170

    Getting rid of stock

    Is everything still available? If so would you take $120 for everything? Call me at 210-884-3766 or email me at alldemocrat@gmail.com. I could pay you through PayPal, Square or send a check and you can wait to mail until it clears or a money order of course. We'll be up in Central Time until midnight & I'm up at 6:00 am. Madeleine & William Dewar
  2. blondguy8170

    Sterling Mix 3

    this is beautiful
  3. blondguy8170


    simple but very beautiful its ppl like u that made me want to get into making chain i curse u lol
  4. blondguy8170

    Crystal Visions

    where did u get those crystal "beads" !!! lol