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    Nature, ceramics, Pueblo and Japanese pottery, traditional Japanese crafts, chainmail, history, jewelry, fashion, fantasy, sci-fi.. I pretty much love anything creative, honest, and natural, and love the people that do/and love those things. This quote pretty much sums up what I try to be.

    "Live your life trying to appreciate all that is beautiful, and finding beauty in all that is not appreciated."

    (Why isn't there an about section??) Anyhow.. I'm lazy, depressed, and have big dreams. I never want to be content just looking at what people do, though. I want to make stuff for the rest of my life! I'm proudest of doing ceramics and chainmail. I haven't accomplished very much with them, but its my dream to make something of it eventually. ^^

    I love to talk. And be a dork. And enjoy being a dork with other people. So ask about adding me! I DO bite. *grin*

    Some of the amateurish stuff I've made so far...

    4-1 spiral necklace with smaller 2-1 spiral interlocked inside

    View 2 (can see better how the blue peeks out) https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/37702_452947929713_571414713_6002853_7730921_n.jpg

    Byz captive necklace
  1. Aphelion

    Sand Worm bracelet

    The rings must flow!
  2. Aphelion

    Sterling Silver 24g 1.4mm E4-1

    Good work. And yeah bias would be sexy. Too bad you couldn't border that with Hp.
  3. Aphelion

    aquamarine flyingsouth02

    Striking! This would definately get my attention on anybody. I really love the earrings! They make me think of something a mermaid might have found to adorn herself with. I think you spread the beads just right and it gives them a wonderfully pleasing natural effect.
  4. Aphelion

    finished scale shirt (whew!)

    If its cool I'm going phoenix down it. Because art is timeless. Who doesn't want to be appreciated just because their post is old? And this sort of thing is what I've been tossing about in my head about doing, making my own plates and etching... and THEN I actually find someone thats doing it!! So yes I got excited, much love.
  5. Aphelion

    IMG 20120310 165123

    I love your stuff, why don't you put them under bracelets?
  6. Aphelion

    335092 376706782346935 100000228492672 1693681 582439912 O

    ^ Yeah, thats definately a hot unique touch that makes it stand out! Love the colors!
  7. Aphelion

    finished scale shirt (whew!)

    I'm so glad I found this. You are incredible and now my top inspiration!
  8. Aphelion

    Alternative Fashion, Gender and Chainmail

    Good points and I'm glad this was brought up since I'll need to make some reconsiderations. I would likely go with alumnium first just to see if I even liked the way it looks. If I did, I'd then want to graduatue to something tougher for actual use (not shaping but maybe posturing, and play. Designs for fetish also intrigue me, aside from just enjoyment)
  9. Aphelion

    Alternative Fashion, Gender and Chainmail

    Yes, definately liking how persian defines the edges of weaves as I look more into it! I am also thinking now about how braids would look as a border. I can *sort* of picture something (not it exactly, but the general idea) like this running along the top of a corset or brassier (maybe even edging a whole bra top?). Which to me kind of suggests the large ruffles you see on some lingerie. (even cooler, having the braids join into a Celtic knot centerpiece in the middle of the cups [in the case of upper wear], a simple example [to prevent confusion I am reffering to actual knots of mail, not the weaves that are reffered to as Celtic] http://www.maileofthedreamseeker.com/gallery/pictures/necklaces/SquareKnot1.jpg sorry, going wild with this DX) What do you think? http://www.redpandaj...-chainmail-cuff Does anyone know any other examples of knotted mail? Going to learn mermaid mesh (dragonscale, but mermaid mesh is too cool not to call it that XD) today, and seeing this made me think how interesting it would be to use different gradients of bias on certain parts of the corset weave to visually accentuate the natural form of the body. http://www.mailleart...ay.php?key=7233 Which leads me to wonder how different biases may be connected... I've seen tutorials on joining horizontal and vertical weaves, but nothing on different angles.
  10. Aphelion


    Very neat! Also interested in who made this.
  11. Aphelion


    Love it! Who is the maker?
  12. Aphelion

    blue Dc zoom

    Love it. The colors capture my imagination like looking into a rippling pool of water.
  13. Aphelion

    Alternative Fashion, Gender and Chainmail

    A con named Polaris?? That already sounds cool! Now I have to check it out. The outfit sounds amazing. I admire how they replicated seams, but personally I'm not a fan of how it looks. Mostly in that I don't like large pieces in all one color, particularly bare metal. Which leads me to wonder about metals to use. I'm guessing aluminum would be good only for show and not rough wear, which bugs me because I want to be able to experiment with colors. I'd like to at least have borders and seams in black, and some of the panels (maybe dragonscale, black on top silver metal underneath), for a contrast and give the illusion of fabric with metal simialrly like those corsets.
  14. Aphelion

    Philosophy and Art; Zen Principals

    LMAO! man.. you made my week with that XD
  15. Aphelion

    Alternative Fashion, Gender and Chainmail

    Thank you very much, Brimley's Mom! I feel kind of derp for not just looking up fabric construction to apply to mail, but thats why I didn't really think of it.. >< Not my expertise. I definately want my first to be my own (its something I've always wanted). I wouldn't complain if it just looked good.. but being able to hold up well to anything would definately be a perk (thinking play, not shaping, lord knows I'm small enough!), but that can come latter. If I can at least make something that I enjoy the look of I will be happy and declare sucess. If I found out I that enjoyed making/wearing it, I'd then definately want to explore the more fashionable route as well, aside from fetish. (craziest idea is the fantasy amoured battle kilt and corset/vest) Some (or all?) of the only examples I've seen of corsets with mail. *grins at their user name* I tip my hypothetical hat off to them for combining mail with fabric! Pretty much where all my current inspiration is coming from. http://www.mailleart...ay.php?key=3851 http://www.mailleart...ay.php?key=4058 I'm trying to think how you could replicate the look of seams with some sexy mail bordering.. Thanks to Grim for reminding me!! Neck corsests! Would be an excellent way to try ideas and pattern combinations, a little more involved than a choker, it would be an extremely good way to test new ideas in a small form! And I guess I lied, I found these too http://www.mailleartisans.org/gallery/gallerydisplay.php?key=4384tabcorsetfront.jpg http://www.mailleartisans.org/gallery/gallerydisplay.php?key=3828mmcorsetfront.jpg