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  1. Kurbol

    Sterling Silver 24g 3mm E8-1 Spiral

    Yes, I was inspired by your ring. You do great work.
  2. There are some smaller rings on the ends to prevent flopping. They are 24g 1.85mm rings.
  3. I gave this ring to my mother for mother's day.
  4. Kurbol

    Sterling Silver 24g 1.4mm E4-1 With Trim

    My eyes are alright, but I still use magnification.
  5. I tried a few things and came up with this trim to solve the floppy edges problem. The trim is simply a row with the rings on top instead of below. This makes everyting tight and not floppy. This ring is made of 494 rings.
  6. Kurbol

    Sterling Silver 24g 1.4mm E4-1

    The weave is very dense and only flexible in one direction as you can see. The AR of the rings is about 2.8.
  7. Kurbol

    Sterling Silver 24g 1.4mm E4-1

    This took 390 rings. I would like the edges to not be as loose as they are, but I am not sure how to change that.
  8. Kurbol

    Argentium Silver Dragonscale 24g 3mm and 24g 2mm

    For me it holds up fine, but I do not do a lot of physical work. The strength comes from the number of connections so that no one ring takes all the load. I closed it using this tutorial: http://cgmaille.com/tutorials/joindscale.shtml