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    Reading, walking and of course chainmail.
  1. Alianhor

    New pictures with my new lightbox

    Changing the wood quality may be an idea. I tried with stone, with glas but not with other pieces of wood (I had only this one at home). I will try to find another one, less shiny of course.
  2. Alianhor

    New pictures with my new lightbox

    Sure then it is not the same pack, the top of mine is black and hard, no light would be able to go through. The two spots are not so bright and it seem to me that the light is too much focused on one point (not sure my explanation is very clear). The lights I have at work are very white, very bright and very big. That's why I want to try them. Maybe putting them far away would do the trick. In your case, putting a light at the top would probably be a good idea. When you try, tell me if it does help.
  3. Alianhor

    New pictures with my new lightbox

    The lights were sold with the lightbox (two small halogen spot), I tried to put them in several positions to avoid these reflections :near, far away, pointing to the top or to the bottom, to the front or to the back. On the pictures, they are near, pointing to the bottom and the back. In other positions, I was loosing either the colours or the focus. Maybe I should change the lights, It is probably not very good quality. I have got some at work that could fit the use, I will give it a try next weekend.
  4. I have been away for quite a long time and I come back with a brand new lightbox (not homemade, I only bought one). I then tried to make some brand new pictures of my work. I am quite happy of the result but I still think it may be possible to do better. That is why I submit them here hoping for opinions and maybe advices. I add two as example, others are visible here : http://www.alianhor.com
  5. Alianhor

    Post your workspace!

    I work on my kitchen table. It is big enough for me. My supplies are stocked in plastic boxes organised in several basket that I can carry easily. I first thought about a separate room for mailing but finally I do not feel the need of it.
  6. Alianhor

    Joining Turkish Round Maille?

    You just need to stop on each side with the row before the connecting rings and then you take both ends with the connecting rings. It is quite difficult with low AR as the weave is tight but it is possible anyway. Be sure you keep the chain straight while connecting to have the correct position for each ring. I am not sure this explanation is very clear . I do it often but it is difficult for me to tell about it in english (probably missing some words) ... When I say the row before the connecting rings, I mean the one you let go backward before locking the weave ... Not clear either ... somebody help me ?
  7. Alianhor

    Weaves you DO like

    Though I tried a lot, Byzantine and Turkish round are still my favorites. I also love mobius ball that I find is a good way to include small variations in quite any weave. Since I found that, I tried it with almost all the weaves I know and I am always surprised of the result.
  8. Alianhor

    bracelet sizes?

    Women are said to be generally between 7 and 8 inches and men between 8 and 9 inches, for kids I have no idea. Best selling models tend to be byzantine and half persian apparently.
  9. Alianhor

    Best care for copper

    I have been wearing copper jewels since I was a child, the first was a simple bracelet my mother offered me for my 7th birthday. I am now 38 years old and I still wear copper, no more bracelet because I don't like bracelets but a necklace that I keep night and day all year. I changed the model twice but it still was copper. The one I wear now is on my neck for more than six years (and the last has been on it for more than ten years). It is not permy, I can take it off to wash it correctly (I do it with lemon juice) but I never take it off for more than five minutes. All that being said, I can insure I never had any problem with that, no sores, not even any green skin or discoloration. The only annoying thing is that at night it tarnish a lot probably because of more sweating and I must clean it often. Copper has always been my favorite metal, not because it is cheap but because of his warm red color. I really love it and I think I will wear some all my life.
  10. Alianhor

    What is your strength?

    I think my strength is that I never get bored. Making chainmail brings me peace thus I can do it even when I am very tired or in a rush. It also helps me continue to search again and again when I encounter a problem or try to find new ideas.
  11. Alianhor

    CSS issues

    For me the poll is still white on white. I have seen that with the sterling poll of Jon. For the titlles they are ok now but it makes the search field go down on right side of the menu. It seem the three items do not fit in a 1024 resolution. It is not really a problem but as apparently it occurs only with small screens, I report so that you know it.
  12. Alianhor

    How to make byzantine stiff

    It could be a great idea, but the effect of Viagra being temporary, my pendant would become floppy again when it ends. I guess it would be quite a surprise for the customer More seriously I did not have any answer from the customer. Apparently he does not like the idea I submitted and does not want another weave. No stiff byzantine finally ...
  13. Alianhor

    Making a permanent bracelet.

    I wore a permanent stainless steel necklace for some times but I was once taken to the hospital unconscious after an accident and they cut it off as they could not open it.
  14. Alianhor

    CSS issues

    Seems to me you could just try to suppress the absolute positioning of forum title png. It keeps the image positioned 500 px from the right border. I do not understand what it is made for. Keeping the image in the normal flow would probably make it come just after the main title. If you want some extra space between the two images you just need to put some left margin on the forum title.
  15. Alianhor

    Rings cutting

    It seems the good way to use it is to put the saw blade in the middle of the coil and then cut the downside of the rings. That way it seems to me that the coil should not move a lot due to the "V" shape and the saw keeping it down. If it still moves too much I think I could make the slot for the saw a bit deeper on the front side and hold the saw in a more vertical position. I had this one on my list but trying to imagine using it seemed to me a bit of a challenge. You have to hold the plier in your left hand and the saw in the right. If you move the left hand while cutting I guess the cuts will not be wonderful. If you try the move, you will see that in this position it is very difficult to keep the left hand really still while sawing and very difficult also to be precise. I have seen also this one : http://www.flickr.co...lry/2691039725/ but the problem seems the same you have to hold the acrylic part firmly with your left hand while cutting. I use mostly 20 / 22 ga wire and more copper, bronze and silver than steel. I am not sure it can be a solution in that case. Have you tried with smaller and softer rings ?