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  1. So much to do. Brain will not cooperate. Not happy.

    1. calyx


      Ack, sympathies. When the brain fog descends, it can be pretty hard to do just about anything productive. Though getting into a rhythm with a big chainmaille project is easier than some, I find.

  2. Yay just finished my black and gold triforce dice bag for the BF :D

    1. Daemon_Lotos


      Triforce Dicebag?! PICS!!!

  3. Got my order of rings yesterday. Massively excited! Slept like crap and now have no motivation to even get up, much less work on a project. Boo :(

  4. SickRose

    aquamarine flyingsouth02

    This is gorgeous!
  5. SickRose

    finished scale shirt (whew!)

    What is there to say to this beyond "Wow". Absolutely amazing. P.S. Just realized how old this post is *Cough* Aphelion the ressurecter *cough* but it's still bloody amazing.
  6. SickRose

    Image thief

    I'm about to go to sleep, but if she keeps this up and keeps getting busted (like with this tophatter store) another place to go after her might be www.regretsy.com. The leader of that site loves to call out resellers/thieves/etc.
  7. SickRose

    Image thief

    Further looking through her page she seems to get a lot of traffic directed to her from other pages. I saw quite a few people who claimed they fanned her via something called, "Hey, Check It Out" (appears to be a fan page for a blog) quite recently. Has anyone contacted these sites that are directing to her with the evidence of what she's done? A separate page called Irish Forge is also claiming to own Captured Essence and is threatening legal action against anyone else who takes action against CE. Might need to check his images for stolen work as well in that case, although it looks like a sad attempt at white knighting seeing as how CE has about 2500 friends and Irish Forge has 13.
  8. SickRose

    Image thief

    I know it's a little late, but Etsy is actually notoriously awful about stopping copyright violaters and image/art thieves. If you call someone out on it within their forums, even politely, YOU will be the one who gets in trouble for "attacking" the other person. What you can do, but only if the image is yours, is file a DMCA takedown notice (http://www.dmca.com/). Sorry to those who have had to actually go through this. It's complete crap that people believe this nonsense is OK. It's not just unethical, it's illegal. With any luck someone has a lawyerly friend who can put some fear into her.
  9. SickRose

    Alternative Fashion, Gender and Chainmail

    A few point. 1.) Pink: Common misconception actually, pink has only been the "girly" color for under a century. It wasn't that long ago that when infants were dressed up pink indicated a boy and blue a girl. I'm not sure what changed, you'd have to do your own research there, but it's an interesting little fact. 2.) Why is it called a kilt? Because if you call it a skirt, you're gonna get kilt! All joking aside, I knew an Irish guy in high school, not one of the tougher or burlier guys out there, who used to wear his kilt to school. In a school of 2500 middle class suburban preppy kids, no one really cared. In my entire life I cannot think of a guy I saw wearing a kilt who wasn't able to rock it. My bet is it's about confidence, either way, friggin go for it! 3.) Male corsets, they exist! Stormy Leather makes a few (website is 18+, google will get you there) They may be more popular in the kink circles right now, but a chainmail one could be pretty badass under whatever circumstances. 4.) I agree that belts could be a surprisingly fun way to play with some of your ideas. I also think you should consider vests. That, to me, is a very gender neutral item that still has a ton of options.Inlays also offer some really interesting ways to mess around with colors and go against the norm.
  10. SickRose

    Mailler on Facebook

    Dice Bag Maker, What you have set up is a group, not a fan page. That's why it can't be accessed by non FB users.