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  1. Sounds like some great stuff coming! I am hoping for orange and yellow saw cut AA in the shinier type colors. I never buy the old matte stuff (so ugly ) and I do lots of rainbow jewelry--so not having access to shiny orange and yellow limits me. The Nb scales coming is VERY exciting--I must totally push up my purchase of an Anodizer! I love the idea of coloring scales myself
  2. Judy

    Image thief

    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hey-Check-it-out/180331988719166 I found the "Hey, Check it Out" thing you mentioned, SickRose. The entry that sent people to her page was from March 4th. And, of course, the image used was one of the stolen ones. Does anyone know who's pic that is? They would probably be the best ones to say something to the "Hey Check it Out" people. Since she sent those folks a stolen image to use on their page, perhaps they will say something to her?
  3. Judy

    Image thief

    the post from Irish Forge was her getting on her husband's account (or him, whichever) and just putting up BS to try and run people off, from what I can tell
  4. Judy

    Image thief

    this lady is just sooooo classy! *not* I just read a posting with this link http://tophatter.com/users/10193-capturingessence to yet ANOTHER place this woman has stolen pics up on. Jesus--we need a net ban for this person. Please check it--I saw several pics there I know don't belong to her. If she had some of your pics up on FB they might be here as well.
  5. Judy

    Image thief

    agree totally Milquetoast
  6. Judy

    Image thief

    I honestly am hoping for full removal, and am a bit miffed it has not already happened. It is ubsurd that FB does not have a way for us to report her for re-posting pics they already removed. The only thing that can be reported is on each individual picture and then you have to be the original picture owner to report it. GRRRRRRR Someone who is doing what she is doing has gone wayyyyy past resonable, IMO. The only problem with them pulling this page is there probably is nothing to stop her from just putting up another and doing this all over again *sigh*
  7. Judy

    Image thief

    Blue Buddha just blogged about this: http://www.bluebuddhaboutique.com/blog/
  8. Judy

    Image thief

    That is the result everyone is getting. She is adamant that she took all the pics and that she is being harrassed. I dunno why she would lie about it. Maybe she really does not get how wrong it is, maybe she is doing this for attention--I cannot begin to fathom. I just know that the more people defend their own images, hopefully FB will do something about her. Someone who is so blatently stealing other people's intellectual property all over the net should really get banned from same *sigh*
  9. Judy

    Image thief

    Hi guys. Corvus (Legba3) found an image thief on the net. Turns out she is using pics from LOTS of different people--you guys may want to check and see if any of the stuff she has up is yours. She also stole some text and put it on her blog word for word off another maille site. I told the original poster already. The worst part is she is denying that the images were taken on her FB page. A lot of the images are VERY easy to find on very popular websites. *shakes head* Anywhoo--just thought folks should know! Please have a look and take appropriate action if she has taken images or text of yours: https://www.facebook.com/CapturingEssence?sk=photos#!/CapturingEssence?sk=wall http://www.etsy.com/shop/CapturingEssence?ref=pr_shop_more http://capturingessencechainmaillejewelry.blogspot.com/
  10. Judy

    Pliers that help with hand fatigue?

    hmmm--the set screw that comes on Swanstroms is part of why those interest me--I did not realize the new Beadstroms have set screws, too
  11. Judy

    Dragon 031 Copy

  12. Judy

    Call for Canadian subcontractors

    I could see me helping, too, now that USA peeps are okayed I do not/will not work in stainless, but AA/BA is what I work in the most these days, so have practice in them. Will send an email out soon!
  13. Judy

    Coral Snake Dragon

    I just love the Dragons! I think this one is my favorite, tho.
  14. why not sell on Etsy, Artfire, or the like?
  15. Judy

    Pliers that help with hand fatigue?

    I had actually seen that pic It looks interesting, and I am not opposed to jerry rigging something if I have to. I tried putting pencil grip cushions on my Wubbers, but the handles are a tad thick and the grips I tried come apart on me after a day or two The pencil grips work really well on my EuroTool handles, tho--and are why I was able to go back to using those for smaller rings. If the surfaces of those pliers were as nice as the Wubbers surfaces, I'd probably just stick with them