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  1. J.M.

    Dragonscale Ring Size Assistance

    I was afraid of that. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. I have a decent amount of 18g 3/16" aluminum and stainless steel rings...what size ring would go well as the inner ring for these? Thanks!
  3. J.M.

    Titanium FP

    What kind of clasp is that?
  4. I really should have planned this better. New box of rings comes in today...which, yay! However, Diablo III (computer game) comes out tonight...guess which one wins.

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    2. ka0sc0okie


      I agree with you jm.. but sadly my comp isn't good enough to run it so ill be in the corner crying lol

    3. Daemon_Lotos


      I think all my spare time just disappeared... LOVING it!

    4. J.M.


      Once servers come back up, for anyone reading this, if you'd like you can add my battletag (BlueShadow#1467), or let me know yours and I'll add you.

  5. Woot! Got my first commission today...small one, but there's a reason businesses frame the first dollar spent at a place!

    1. Zeroignite



      It's a great feeling, isn't it?

    2. madd-vyking
    3. J.M.


      Yes, yes it is.

  6. J.M.

    Hook Clasp Experiences?

    I appreciate the responses. I'll be placing my order today, and those will be a part of it.
  7. J.M.

    Mailling Guild

    As well as http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/members/
  8. J.M.

    Mailling Guild

    Aye; between them and here, I think it's pretty much taken care of. About the only additional reason I could see forming one is if there were enough people in a local area to form one.
  9. I really wish I could get away with working on mail at my job...I have absolutely nothing to do at work for the next couple of months.

    1. madd-vyking


      become a postman, and that's all you'll do...

  10. I have a number of bracelets made waiting on an order I'm making next month to be clasped. Before I buy them, how do these (the 21mm hook clasps) actually hold up? Concerns I have are how tightly the hook actually stays onto itself, how loose the gap is on the anchored end, and general appearance after use. I know I could order one or two and see, but I'll take testimonials, if only because lag time would be excessive (if I liked them, I'd have to wait until June's order to get more, due to shipping cost.)
  11. Just gave up on GSG...about two hours wasted trying to get it to work and lay straight. Time to try something else.

    1. J.M.


      Pro-tip...when you can't figure something out, don't watch movies. Stopped watching, and magically, it worked.

  12. J.M.


    Completely off topic, but where did you get the clasp for that?
  13. J.M.

    Pink & Red HP4 1

    Heh, not really. I was actually planning on doing HP3-1, but the rings had too large of an AR, so I switched over to 4-1. My daughter's happy enough with it though!
  14. J.M.


    I hadn't even seen Coyote Maille until it was mentioned here and I had to look it up. I like!
  15. All I can say is...awesome!