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  1. Beadiecat

    What's in a name?

    Well, my name is Cathi, I've always been called Cat for short. And my first foray into jewelry-making was beadweaving, which I still do a lot of, so Beadiecat seemed logical. (And Cat is always already taken on every forum where I try to use it) I also like cats, I own two of them. Cat
  2. Beadiecat

    New User Thread

    I'm fairly new. I think I have a couple of posts, but since I'm still learning I mostly just lurk and try to soak up all the knowledge in here. Cat
  3. Beadiecat

    stupid tumbler...

    I don't know enough about tumbling to know the answer to your question about the AA, but as for sorting... I thread my rings on a piece of scrap wire and twist it to lock a ring on each end so they can't fall off. Then I make the whole thing into a spiral so it fits nicely in the tumbler. Leave enough space on the wire so that the rings can move around and the shot can get between them. There's no way I'd have the patience to sit there and sort all the rings from the shot. Good luck! Cat
  4. Beadiecat

    The Holy Grail of Chainmail Rings

    I'll be making an order as soon as there is a fair range of sizes! Cat
  5. Beadiecat

    Cheap Sterling anyone?

    Is the silver-filled that you are looking at silver colored on the inside? That is the only thing I don't like, that when it is cut you can see the different colored core. I have bought silver-filled from a vendor named Royal Metals, and theirs is silver colored on the inside, so I like it for that reason. Also, I understand that there is also silver-filled that has a 20% layer of silver. (Royal Metals only has 10%) Have you looked into this, and what would be the price difference between that and the 10%? Cat