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  1. Tactical

    minimum order and options question

    The minimum in that case is 0.2oz per color or size, i.e. "two tenths of an ounce". not 2 ounces.
  2. Happy 4th!! To the Canucks... sorry for all the noise and bright flashes. ;-) WOOOOO the one day of the year I can play with explosives and not be hauled off #functioningpyro

    1. Brimley's Mom

      Brimley's Mom

      Hey, we probably woke you guys up on Monday. Happy 237th.

  3. Tactical


    ...is it me you're looking for?
  4. Tactical

    Beaded Byzantine Cuff

    How did you manage to not explode from handling so much awesome-sauce?
  5. Mr wrists :-( So I'm a micromailler. Have been since I started sace for an 18 gauge full persian chain in aluminium....making a 16gauge elfsheet bracelet for a fundraiser at work in stainless... omg ouch.

    1. calyx


      Ouch indeed! (I just wrestled with a 16g/19g Jap12-1 necklace in stainless so I know what you mean!)

  6. Tactical

    Ring count per oz for 20g 7/64 Saw Cut Stainless?

    I can see it now... Redbeard at the workstation... "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ..... 256 257 258 259..." And then Bernice comes by "...260 59 13 354 32..."
  7. Tactical

    Wire loosing luster

    *sinister evil voice* if you dare... muahahahahaha.
  8. Tactical

    Wire loosing luster

    When you're winding wire you're compressing the material on the inside of the curve and syretching it on the outside. Your seeing these micro fractures as a reduction in surface finish. Tumbling will brighten them back up
  9. Tactical

    Turkish Orbital question

    The chain itself has three axis along the column. I can't imagine making a sheet out of the chain. But you mihht could make a very thick web out of the units somehow
  10. Tactical

    Ren fair etiquette? (Re: exclusives)

    Sounds to me the only reason he's getting his way is because he's making the most noise. Next time it happens inform the committee you consider them to be in breach of contract as you're packing up your goods. That's usually enough to scare them off.
  11. Tactical

    Rope weave chain ring size

    If you mean Spiral 4-1 then the absolute minimum AR you need is 4. I've seen "rope weave"used to refer to at least three completely different weaves depending on the authors decision.
  12. Tactical

    Newbie question #2

    The problem with using e4-1 to calculate your ring use is that when you approach the ar limit and fold the weave it contacts. My round mail necklace I quoted above I made the e4-1 sheet 2.5 longer than I needed and still had to patch on some length. As I recall it ended up being almost a 20% contraction
  13. Tactical

    Need some advice on making a shirt for a costume

    Ive never done a shirt but i wss asked to help do just this costume for halloween last year.... Aluminum sounds like the winner if you want a full shirt. Its a third of the weight of steel and you get twice as many rings for the same price at 16g 5/16. Alternatively you could do a little cosplay trickery that this guy ended up doing and not even do a full maille shirt. If you're basing it off the movie you can only see the maille shirt's sleeves and bottom hem area from underneath the side dags of the leather smock. To really save on weight and cost start with the leather parts of the costume and then weave just the parts of the maille that you can see plus a couple inches and stitch them into the inside of the leather smock. If you go this route I'd use some welded stainless rings for the attachment points so they don't open or let your stitching material through the kerf. This would save quite a bit of coin, weight, and a SUBSTANTIAL amount of your time. We chose this route because he came up with the costume idea about 8 weeks before halloween. Not enough time for a full shirt. And the time was better spent getting the rest of the costume looking good anyways. He ended up choosing stainless for a couple reasons. We had the wire on hand. It just "sounds" better than aluminum when you move. Stainless won't corrode. Once he got the sleeves and hem pieces woven it was determined they were too shiny. We hung them up by some wire and use a propane torch to give them a richer earthy bronzish color which turned out great. Then we cut out some chunks around the edges wrapped around a log an took glancing blows with a sledgehammer to deform some of the rings (repair opened rings after each blow... trust me). After everything was said and done it looked like a piece of battle worn dress.
  14. Tactical

    Newbie question #2

    From my own personal data I have roundmail logged at 60 rings per inch from a 22gauge 20" necklace. That wire was .025. TRL's 16 gauge is .062. A scale factor of 2.5. 60/2.5= 25.5 rings per inch. Your hanging chain length will always be longer that the measured wrist circumference. This get more noticeable the bulkier your piece gets. In bright aluminum the three ounce minimum would give you enough rings for about 28" of chain (~726rings). Steel on the other hand has 79rings per ounce gining you about 3" of chain. If you figure a nine inch length plus the clasp three ounces gives you very little room for error so go for four. (And put the extras in a labelled ziplock baggy with stats for future use) As for uou box chain I have a similar necklace logged in 24gauge at 56rings per inch. Scale factor of 3 should get you for right around 18 rings an inch. A note. Box weave is generally easier to finish with off the shelf clasps. It has only two major axis. So you can put a single ring through the last two of either axis for your clasp and catch rings. Round mail has three axis. I like to let the chain unfold (split open) for a short length on either end. Then bring the resulting e4-1 sheel down to s point on both ends. It looks the best with market clasps without making your own tube clasps and soldering the chain into it.
  15. Tactical

    Newbie question on first project

    "13/128ths... because 24 gauge full persian is too loose with 7/64th and impossible to weave with 3/32..."A friend laughed one time "what they didn't have 27/256ths?" "Couldn't find one" "...of course you looked..."