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  1. kgirl1992

    snowflake kits

    What all is supposed to be included in the snowflake kits? I got the kit a few weeks ago and have been making then but seem to be running out of the 16g 1/4" way faster then I should. My kit was suppossed to have sky connectors but the only blue rings I got were 18g 5/32" am I missing rings?
  2. kgirl1992

    snowflake kits

    I only made 5 (and used extra smaller rings I had on the points of one) and I'm compleatly out of 16g 1/4" now
  3. kgirl1992

    How do you store your rings and things?

    I have them in small ziplock bags I got at a craft store all piled in an old tool box, AKA my storage is c***
  4. kgirl1992

    'Tis the season.

    lol that is awesome! I might have to pull this on my brother, he used model airplane shrink wrap stuff on something for me last year...
  5. kgirl1992

    tumbling bright aluminum?

    Hi I'm fairly new to makeing chain maille. A friend ask me to make her a silver colored chain maille anklet so I made one out of bright aluminum but I'm not happy with the shine. My mom has an old tumbler that I can use but I'm not sure what media to use or how long or anything.... If anyone can help Id be really greatful
  6. kgirl1992

    Bracelet for my Mom

    I love the weave
  7. kgirl1992

    World's most expensive European 4 in 1 bracelet

    and best of all its ugly so you know its expensive!
  8. 'f*** just got my new shipment only made an order cause needed sxaa1814royal for special order, and guess what I somehow managed to forget to order??????

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    2. Katlee


      Yeah, I almost did that with my most recent order... Sorry to hear you're having to do a rush.

    3. Milquetoast


      If it's any consolation, the few times I've done rush it was sent out very quickly.

    4. Lysenis


      I think I will have rush orders soon. . .

  9. kgirl1992

    Pricing your works

    Yeah barely over minimum wage and I'm management... Can someone shoot me? Prefferibly in the head? I know I could add a lot onto that cost but thats my way of figureing how much I am putting into each piece. At this point I'm only selling things to friends so that I dont end up with two million pieces that I'll never wear sitting around my house (I make jewlery and its too easy to make random things for no reason) and I would rather give them all away but I would go totally broke from buying rings...
  10. kgirl1992

    Pricing your works

    My formula so far has been, I time how long I work on the progect, round that up to a multibple of 5, multiply that by my hourly rate at my real job ($8.70 for me), then add the aproximit cost for matirial (I use all aluminum and rubber and just count it as $0.01 per a ring) then round whatever I've come up with to a nice number but so far I've only sold to close friends and family I would probly add an extra $5-$20 if I was selling to random people.
  11. kgirl1992

    Tumbler idea... might be bad

    I have a cheep little tumbler and thats pretty much how it works, so I dont see any reason it would be an issue. My only advice is you make sure all the wireing is good and that kind of thing before you leave it running over night or when your out of the house, cause you never know with free/exreamly cheep stuff
  12. kgirl1992


    its an interesting idea but not the most practical thing. If I wanted to straigth train and add some protection I would get waighted anklets and arm bands and carry a heavy backpack and wear a leather jacket, it would be much cheeper, quicker and the waight would be easier to ditch if you needed to run away from someone.
  13. kgirl1992

    Want to teach my kids ..

    I havent tried to teach anyone maill, but I would say start them on something that they can make in an hour and have a finished thing. Even if they rings are horribly closed and scratched up they will be way more inpressed by the cool braclet they made and they can wear then by an inch or two of Euro. So if I was teaching a 11 year old I would start them where I started 18 3/16 byzentien in aluminum, if they have trouble with that wire gauge you can go larger (if they are bending them out of shape) or smaller (if they have trouble bending them). Then once you have them hooked you work on better closers and all the boring stuff. I dont mean to be bossy or anything just my two cents
  14. kgirl1992

    Scale Dice Bags

    where did you get thouse scales? I want some!
  15. kgirl1992

    Bracelet weave

    umm that might have been my comment... I didnt say Id sell it for that little but I said I could make it for less then $5 and it got deleted.... Also I was just about to post a link to this so people could laugh at how high they priced it
  16. kgirl1992

    Pink Armor...yes I said Pink Armor

    It looks great! Not my colors but I know a couple people who would love it, and its one of the best female armours I've seen
  17. kgirl1992

    Stock Notification Emails!

    thank you, I always felt annouying asking when things would be back
  18. kgirl1992

    how do you do it?

    I have a small plastic tray (an old take out container) that I hold little containers of rings in on my lap, then hold whatever piece in my hands, or I'll spread it all out on a table. But most of the stuff I make is jewlery and small stuff.
  19. kgirl1992

    Halterneck project.

    Holy s***! Ive never seen that weave before (well either of em), its insane. Looks awesome but insane.
  20. kgirl1992

    Scale flower kit colors

    they come with a mixed bag, I got a set in my last order. If I'm remmembering correctly there were enought of every color alluminum to make a flower or two and one random copper scale
  21. kgirl1992

    Another newbie question

    I've done byzentien in 18g 3/16 with rubber rings, other then that I've mostly done flat european weaves with rubber rings
  22. kgirl1992

    AA rings in "new" colors different AR

    I've been haveing some issues with gridlock byzentien. I've made three differnt braclets with the same weave and ring size (bright aluminum, black ice & red, black & royal blue) and they have sugnifigantly differnt tightnesses of the weave. I could barely get the black ice & red one together it was so tight, but I dont like the look of the black & blue one cause its so loose!
  23. kgirl1992

    Amazing New Colors?

    The yellow I would guess is an anodizeing error, the bottom left is the new bright silver, other then that I have no idea but I like them!
  24. I got my new rings (and scales) in!!! Now time to compleatly forget everything I planned to do this weekend and play with maille instead!

  25. I just LOVE when people offer more then would ever feel comfertible asking for my work!

    1. Katlee


      That is a nice feeling, isn't it? :)

    2. Dice bag maker

      Dice bag maker

      I agree. I had a commission for $30 and I got paid $40. A nice $10 for beer! XD