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  1. Exxes

    Rider Jersey

    it will ... if it ever stops raining... I have a small issue with wearing metal during thunder storms
  2. 1 Riders Jersey = $320 which was 3500 green 1500 black and 500 silver scales god knows how many rings and 6 weeks of my sanity [
  3. Exxes

    Rider Jersey

    let me see here ... 3500 green small scales 1500 black 500 silver... god knows how many rings and 6 weeks of my sanity
  4. Exxes

    rider jersey back

  5. Exxes

    Rider Jersey

    finally finished
  6. Exxes

    funding large products

    do what the government does.... double the amount when billing customers, include mysterious charges for things that never happen and then close down projects with out ever paying back depts ....
  7. Exxes

    Are EPDM rings safe to chew on?

    me to ... i have a 5 year Girl with pica... I made a giant weave to chew on after ordering way to many for another project she loves it...She has brooken a few here and there but nothing horrible she just brings it back for repairs. i have a big roll of wax twine i used ( if it gets wet it gets stronger like leather ... to a point) and made a 4n1..
  8. Exxes

    Magnetic clasp

    sorry i missed your ? there i scrolled right past to the picture and missed you for a few days till i came back ... i was thinking off an open armpit ... so i coould slip right in then use a clasp to close it up ... however after thinking twice about that it would hang open there and i have no wish to take a shot in the armpit /ribs area anyway.
  9. Exxes

    Magnetic clasp

    are these the tube clasps? what size did you use on them? and how much do they hold ish?
  10. Exxes

    Magnetic clasp

    any one have any idea if the clasps can be used to hold a shirt together... Wanted to know if that would be possible with these at all. making a scale shirt and need to know if these things will hold up before i buy a crap load of them. any suggestions or help is as always appreciated thanks guys and gals.
  11. Exxes

    IS the customer always right?

    we gave them a bit of a deal just because they are not all picky about when and wherer we get them finished ...aslong as it is before the end of the year for the get together. however it was also a little bit more than what we sell our normal ( plain) shirst for when complete... with the supplies coming in around 250-300 a shirt( give or take a little) the welder is not out of the questions its come more to how the guys want to work i have my self ( i can do just about everything i put my mind to ( i have all the time inthe world - 1 hr a day for physio) we have to kids just finifhing university (time very limited normally only do chain)and two older gents ready for retirement (just kidding guys) who do scale and chain with me but again do not have all the tie i dobut are pretty set in what they wil work with no one has ever worked with a weilder... we have never needed them for previous work .... it's not a bad idea in any way but just not something i would need
  12. Exxes

    IS the customer always right?

    oh god yes they are paying 1500 per shirt as long as complete in 6 mos i under stad the welder is dirt cheap we've just never really thought about it and passing one around to four peopple to start with would start a fight ( not a real fight more like four babies in one room if you have kids you'll get the point) but it's never come up..im sure it will be sosmething we look into.
  13. Exxes

    IS the customer always right?

    business model? ...? blink... blink no no i get you i showed you comment to sam our assembler and he asked if we make money and why he has never got paid ( this is the guys whos dad is on the hockey team)
  14. Exxes

    IS the customer always right?

    Yeah... i totally think we're going to change the terms of our contracts here then, because right now we do offer free repairs on items within the first 6 months (really just because most are freinds who buy from us anyway) (unless abuse is the issue to start with then your out the window either way) also make customer pre pay for items agreed on atleast for the supplies)
  15. so just because this just happened. if a customer asks you to make something you go ahead and order everything required to make said item then they want it an other way against your suggestion you can tell them till you blue in tha face that this way is the "correct" way to it, that this way will hold up more, that it is MYproduct... should you give in and make the item the way the customer wants even though this will resalt in a sub par item with your name and reputation on it.... the reason for this is i was just contracted to make a few (5) scale shirts for a local beer league team as there 50th year they viewed and like a model shirt i have at home here made with small scales and split rings .... they wanted the " little key ring thingys"( split rings) replaced with standard jump rings ( now im not argueing that it can't be done or should not be done .. but its not how i make my Large shirts just because i feel the split rings will hold p to more punishment more wear and tear so to speak .... now don't get me wrong im going to do it but at what point do i say fine but this is going to happen and that is going to happen and i warned you about it so if or when you have a follow up issue im chargeing you again for the full labour ... i guess this is return business but something that could be avoided