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  1. Mewpal

    Aluminum - Bright

    BA 18g 1/4" machine cut? ETA?
  2. Mewpal

    Scales - all materials and sizes

    You're bagging more black too, I hope? Stick says you have 8 bags, that's it. More still coming?
  3. Mewpal

    Scales - all materials and sizes

    Dammit, green medium ran out while I was waiting to order black. Please tell me that's coming back soon. I keep putting off ordering until I can get my big order together.
  4. Mewpal

    Scales - all materials and sizes

    How about medium aluminum (unanodized)
  5. Mewpal

    Person behind the maille

    This thread is such a great idea!! Now I'll be able to recognize you guys if I ever see you at TRF. Here's me in my dress, with the fiance in his tie:
  6. Mewpal

    Texas Renaissance Festival (Check-in List)

    I'll also likely be there that weekend! I'll look for your wagon, you look for my dress!
  7. Mewpal

    other hobbies

    Just wondering, does anyone here hula hoop dance at all? I need someone to nerd out with.
  8. Mewpal

    East Texas Gathering?

    I'll be at TRF likely the 12th of October.
  9. Mewpal

    A Few Good Books

    Along the lines of the Giver, a more adult version of a dystopian society : This Perfect Day
  10. Mewpal

    Recent work

    I will hopefully see you guys there as well!
  11. Mewpal

    Progress on my scale vest.

    Dude definitely post the full outfit when you can. I want to see what it looks like with wings coming out of it!
  12. Mewpal

    The Question Game

    Kelver. I dated a guy with this last name. Almost Kevlar. Just sounded awesome. If you could have any talent (outside of mailling) instantly, which would you want?
  13. Mewpal

    creating wedding rings

    So pretty!
  14. Mewpal

    Helping younger cousins get started

    Ah that is a good one! This went well, and I didn't send them home with multiple sized rings, so helm will have to wait.
  15. Mewpal

    Titanium ring

    Would love to know the sizes on this.