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  1. Silver-Scales

    Sm stainless scales

    I just made an order recently and have a very large number(over 25%) of my stainless scales are discolored. Almost like bad heat treating, the discoloration has almost a rainbow effect. This is by far the worst batch I have ever gotten. Out of the 500 scales i got about 100 are discolored.
  2. My clear ring have been breaking too. One of my friends made me some weave samples and within a month 40% of the rings were broken. They have no weight straining them. Kinda glad I only got one bag with the breakage rate I have had.
  3. Silver-Scales


    And I happen to be in Wichita too.
  4. Silver-Scales


    Sweet. If I'm still here lol.
  5. I would use them as my signature scale on my scale bags. Any chance it will be available for other metals like stainless?
  6. Silver-Scales

    Taking photos of Anodized?

    I noticed when taking photos of my anodized scales that the purple shows up blue. I have mixed blue and purple a lot and it makes it difficult to see patterns. Anyway to fix this problem?
  7. Silver-Scales

    Gauge of Scales

    Thickness for anodized is 0.032", aluminum is 0.030" and stainless is 0.025"
  8. Will this also be available for small scales? (I dont use larges yet)
  9. Silver-Scales

    Troubles with dicebags

    The metal will always scratch the dice. Try lining them. I make scale bags but I knit them with yarn instead of rings, soft on the inside and scaly on the outside
  10. Silver-Scales

    Steering wheel cover

    Like your rubber duckies
  11. Silver-Scales

    Custom Scales?

    I custom paint scale dice bags myself. If you plan on painting a large surface area you need to prime aluminum scales with self-etching primer then use a good protective enamel. This will cost you about $15. I have just tipped the scales with testors enamel, It holds up well, I painted it back in September. I actually prefer the blackened steel to the aluminum, you dont have to use primer and the paint sticks better. The matte black also looks nice with the glossy color of the enamel tips.
  12. Silver-Scales

    Need help with naming my business

    I came up with mine because I love dragons, my favorite color is silver, and use only scales so far. My signature on all my bags it the first scale to go on is a silver scale(Stainless) I just combine all the things I love XD
  13. Silver-Scales

    Custom Scales?

    Oh I cant wait for these. I paint them by hand. and removing the anodized layer with a dremel is nearly impossible
  14. Just got my scales. Time to get knitting bage to be done for Christmas.

  15. Silver-Scales


    I can't be the only one scaling in the wheat field.