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  1. Made with 16 swg AA square wire rings from TRL and various other BA sizes.
  2. At this time I have to ask for this post to be closed or deleted. Unforeseen circumstances has made me need them.
  3. I have a camera that I would like to sell but really have no idea where to start. I would like to skip ebay and craigs list. Does anyone have a tip on where I could start?
  4. Here is some ring details. This is one of the long slender containers. The other two I am not aware of exact measurements. One has the rings for a tutorial from B3....i think the BA. Description: Sterling Silver 20g - 20g 1/8'' ID - SXST2018 Quantity: 1.2 Description: Saw Cut Stainless Steel 20g - 20ga 1/8'' ID - SXSS2018 Quantity: 2 Description: Anodized Aluminum 20ga 1/8'' ID - Saw Cut - Black Ice - SXAA2018ice Quantity: 2 Description: Anodized Aluminum 20ga 1/8'' ID - Saw Cut - White * - SXAA2018white Quantity: 1 Description: Saw Cut Bronze 20g - 20ga 1/8'' ID - SXBZ2018 Quantity: 3 Description: Anodized Niobium - 20 ga 1/8'' ID - Saw Cut - Rose Gold - SXNA2018(c62) rose gold Quantity: 0.7 Description: Saw Cut Stainless Steel 19g - 19ga 5/32'' ID - SXSS19532 Quantity: 2 The rectangle container that is purple is full of 18 5/32 BA. Some of the stuff is from before I got saw cut only, the ones I am not sure of the size. Some of the beads is also things I have found at thrift store so not sure what stone they are.
  5. I had to give up chainmail so I am trying to sell of my supplies bit by bit. I would rather sell as a lot. It is mostly beads but some rings are also in this lot as the pictures show. Please contact through PM if interested. Shipping would be flat rate boxes within the US.
  6. I also recently ordered some of the new AA and over all they are all very nice. With one exception. I got three sizes of the new blue AA in saw cut. Two of them were fine but the 16 5/16 did indeed have a seam of sorts. I noticed after I opened them. Included is a picture. Yes my closures are not perfect in the picture but there is a seam.
  7. I love your kitty cute even when he is not so happy. I once had a russian blue, such a sweet cat. Milo was his name. Here are a few more of the creatures of the house trying on the hat. First up is Merlin our other kitty. the last critter it'll fit is my grandma's dog Missy. She gets teed off when you ask her to go outside while your holding her. Add the insult of a hat and you get a treat.
  8. Doesn't he look happy?
  9. Ohhh I like this very much! Great work on this.
  10. I have allot of friends in Canada and I have visited only Edmonton. I loved Alberta. We drove around allot. Its very mulit-cultural which I really liked, very different from my area of the world. If you choose Calgary an extra bonus would be beautiful scenery close by. Banff is close and Jasper(which I preferred) is still somewhat close. My friends from Ontario are considering moving from there to Alberta. She is having a hard time getting a permanet position. So is her sister in Toronto. Both are teachers.
  11. Here in the Panhandle of Texas its 72 degrees right now. Supposed to be back in the upper 90's next week. Coolness is to good to last more than a day here until winter.
  12. Happy Birthday to Claire! I hate the guns as well. I had a second set of holes done once and it went in a bit crooked.
  13. I have caught one of those sun spiders in my basement. They are equally creepy looking but are actually good spiders in most areas. Still wouldn't want one crawling in my belonging.
  14. There not that scary, sometimes they make a chirp/bark sound. I live near country with lots of mesquites and in the late summer to early fall you can see them cross the road all the time. Put one in my house then i'll freak the heck out. The only critters I really hate are snakes. Almost got bit when I was a kid by some kind of snake, didn't see it long enough to know what kind.
  15. While I think there death should be mourned by those that they loved and the ones that loved them.... Your cold hearted comment is the most absurd, frustrating and demeaning comment I have ever heard. ANy one soldier in the military ought to kick you. There families sacrifice and the final sacrifice some have given far out weigh just about most things. Your just a jerk.