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    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    hi any update on restocking ETA for SS 18532? thanks!
  2. donnam

    Dragonscale Ring Sizing

    funny i have a question about dragonscale ring size too i have been using bright aluminum 18g 1/4 outer, and 20g 5/32 inner black, or blue. and it's worked fine.. a bit stiff but still a nice weave for a cuff bracelet. Now i'm trying copper inner same size.. and its too tight after about the 8th row. I vaguely remember a few years ago doing the same thing with copper and finding the same issue.. TRL rings btw. I'm wondering what a good size would be to switch to. I"m not savvy enough to know if i need larger inner rings or larger outer rings to make a slightly looser weave.. and it cant be too loose.. i've seen that and dont like it Any help would be great thanks. i really really want to do the copper inner.
  3. donnam

    Euro 4 in 1 ring size question

    yes i did mean 20 AWG thanks... what is the max AR for E4-n-1?
  4. hi guys.. i'm a bit of a novice and would love a little help with ring size. I purchased some tiny rings for a fine mesh bracelet in Euro 4 in 1. They're metric (of course ) They're 4mm inside diameter, and 20 gauge. They are nearly the size of the black ice rings I purchased which are 1/8" 20g but not quite.. according to Google charts, 5/32" is 3.97 mm, and 11/64 is 4.35 mm so I would go down a size to 5/32" to be closest to 4mm ID. Now.. in theory, 1/8" (my black ice rings) is 4/32" and 5/32" is just a smidgen larger, so in theory it should be large enough to give my bracelet the same look as the one i did in 4mm rings - maybe a tad tighter.. but would it be too tight for Euro 4:1? I know i can 'figure it out with aspect ratio' but after two years of doing chain maille i have to admit i am still struggling with that! I understand too tight of a weave and too loose of a weave but not quite how to figure it out on paper if its going to work somewhere in the middle of tight and loose. many thanks.
  5. mens wallet chain in anodized aluminum, 4 in one half persian. love this pattern's braided look.
  6. very girly bracelet in pink anodized aluminum and silver rings. one of the first maille i tried cause the pattern was easy
  7. donnam


    i love these.. want to make them but they always seem like so much work! how long are they?
  8. earrings with frosted glass beads and turquoise stone hearts. They turned out a lot heavier than I thought! Still like the look but next time would do them smaller scale.
  9. Byzantine chain in copper, with ivory skulls, and a cross pendant purchased at a local craft store. This was my very first chain maille piece and got me hooked!
  10. donnam

    Sword practice exercises?

    hi, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. When lord of the rings came out, I bought a replica sword with the intention of using it for practice/exercise. I know years ago there was a youtube video showing the correct sword parries and thrusts -- the same configuration that 'Boromir' calls out to the Hobbits in the movie when teaching them to use swords. I have googled for days, asked all my LotR friends and nobody can find it or any other 'real' resource that lists the actual sword movements. I would love to find something! I want to spend the winter using this as an indoor exercise to stay a little more fit than last winter Any help would be great.
  11. donnam

    Byzantine scale for newbie

    I'm new to chain maille and love it. I'm more into jewelery at this point than large scale items - but am wanting to try a wallet chain. I have done a byzantine bracelet with rings that had a slightly smaller aspect ratio and gave me a looser weave, and like how the angled rings look almost like barbed wire in the looser weave. I"ve been trying to learn about gauge, tensile strength, diameter and aspect ratio and it mostly makes sense, but am reluctant to jump to larger rings until I can figure what sizes i need in all those measurements! I figure rings about 1/2 inch outside diameter will work, but have no clue as to material (stainless seems best for sheen and strength but seems too tough for a newbie to work with?), or i could use anodized aluminum in a black (but seems like it might not be strong enough?) and as for inside diameter - is there a 'standard' for byzantine weave? Also.. the larger the number the thinner the wire? (ie 18 gauge is thinner than 20 gauge?) Thanks for any help, links, advice etc.