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    Almost anything and everything. Definitely not packing up and moving though like I'm having to do now. Good by Ocean Springs. :(
  1. KeybladeMasterKitty

    Beaded Maille

    These are so gorgeous!!! I want all of them so much!!!
  2. KeybladeMasterKitty

    Scale Maille Bra?

    I'm sorry I'm about to sound totally freakin dumb, but what are contractions?
  3. KeybladeMasterKitty

    Scale Maille Bra?

    I reallly wish that I would have learned scale weaving fist. It just riddles me so. I just can't get it or understand it no matter how many tutorials I look at. I suck.
  4. KeybladeMasterKitty

    Scale Maille Bra?

    That's totally how I want mine!!! I hope it will be done super fast!!!
  5. KeybladeMasterKitty

    Scalemail Bellydancer

    I wish they sold patterns for this!!!
  6. KeybladeMasterKitty

    Scale Maille Bra?

    Okay so I already make chain maille bras/bikini tops but I am just so confused my scale maille ones. Can someone explain them to me in stupid people terms? I really wanna learn to make them!!! Note: I'm pretty bad at weaving scales though, so confusing. @.@
  7. KeybladeMasterKitty

    Engraved Scales?

    Thank you so much guys! :3 No I have not been on the forums a lot lately as I have moved to a different city recently with a much higher rent and I can't afford internet right now so I only get on when I'm in a public wi-fi place.
  8. KeybladeMasterKitty

    Engraved Scales?

    I've been seeing a lot of engraved scales lately around the net with pictures and stuff on them and I was just wondering if anyone knows how people are doing it and what tools are needed to do so cause I really wanna do this to my scales too!
  9. KeybladeMasterKitty

    My Firt works

    I've always thought this one was scary looking! http://www.cgmaille.com/tutorials/i4-1seam.shtml
  10. KeybladeMasterKitty

    Skittles, the Rainbow Dragon

    I LOVE this and totally want one!!!
  11. KeybladeMasterKitty

    New Friend spam??

    I guess I became popular now. rdressesweflowe and jeresjos have put me as a friend or whatever.
  12. KeybladeMasterKitty

    New Friend spam??

    Guess I'm not popular enough. :'(
  13. KeybladeMasterKitty

    Person behind the maille

    I kept trying to wait til I had a pic of me in some of my maille but I just don't have time so here's a couple. two are a couple years old but one is this summer I had to have for a contest entry.
  14. KeybladeMasterKitty

    Full persian bracelet

    I absolutely love this. It's gorgeous.
  15. KeybladeMasterKitty

    It's not much, but here is my first patch of E4-1

    That looks great! I did E6-1 after 4-1 Because I was doing a bikini top. After that I thin I did Half Persion 3-1 and 4-1 and now I'm doing Byzantine. Here is a good place to look and learn different weaves. http://www.maillestrom.com/links.html