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  1. vampschainmaildesigns

    Fleur de Lys

  2. vampschainmaildesigns

    Laser Etched Scale Flower

    That is amazing! Absolutely beautiful
  3. vampschainmaildesigns

    copper gears X

    Not actually a complicated project but the idea is really one of a kind, it's a really kool necklace
  4. vampschainmaildesigns

    Necklace of the Falling Star

    Very nice!
  5. vampschainmaildesigns

    The Sea Myth

    I agree with AA_Battery. Very nice work, too.
  6. vampschainmaildesigns


    Those are really nice!! Definitely a good idea!
  7. vampschainmaildesigns


    A little piece I called "Gaea", made with AA 5/16" 16G and AA 3/16" 18G Basically 3 links of Box Chain onto a 5/16" ring with extra rings on the inside and outside to give the weave its final form.
  8. vampschainmaildesigns

    NEW Cyborg Shipping!

    That is an incredible tool. I've been working in warehouses for over 15 years and such a device would have been very helpful in either order picking, shipping/receiving and more. I love the way you guys do it, you definitely seem to be very organized. How I'd love it if my job were as organized. Guess I'll have to move to Saskatchewan and apply at TRL! (lol kidding but seriously I'd love to!)
  9. vampschainmaildesigns

    Mint or Seafoam

    Seafoam might have been an anodisation mistake but I think it was loved by many, and became very popular. I remember people wishing for it to become a regular color and I am part of those people. I think it's one of the best colors, very beautiful and versatile. So the question is: Mint or Seafoam? I would choose Seafoam. If it were available in every sizes and gauges it would be that much more better. I would also suggest Seafoam color for small and large Scales, I would SO love to use Seafoam colored scales in my projects!!
  10. vampschainmaildesigns

    brass & copper bracelet

    Very interesting design, I love the looks
  11. vampschainmaildesigns

    golden dragon 100911 B

    Looks really nice, very good work