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  1. Benbu

    Minecraft anyone?

    Pretty sure the iron golems don't have a ranged attack. But they can hulk smash with the best of 'em. Speaking of, besides trying to build up a village, and farming the golems that way, is there any way to easily stockpile iron?
  2. Benbu

    Minecraft anyone?

    I've heard it depends. In the desert, they melt. In other places, they last until destroyed, or they get rained on.
  3. Benbu

    Minecraft anyone?

    It can't be that many torches to light your yard for safety! Especially when considering the Creeper-I mean, alternative...
  4. Benbu

    Minecraft anyone?

    According to the minecraft wiki: "The minimum number of light sources needed to prevent hostile mob spawning in the Overworld is difficult to determine because light decreases in all three dimensions. Given a perfectly flat plane or floor, the cheapest and easiest solution is to place torches on the floor in a diamond pattern, with 5 blocks in-between each torch diagonally." I think, in my games, I've done less lighting than that, and had no problems, but that should work for ya!
  5. Benbu

    Minecraft anyone?

    Or, if you can't find ocelot(s), build a fence a distance away from your house. Use a lot of torches to light up your new "yard". Stuff shouldn't spawn in the torch-lit area, and you'll be able to see creepers outside the fence, to shoot with arrows!
  6. Benbu

    Minecraft anyone?

    Just hopping on this thread to say thanks. Due to all of you, and a friend of mine, I'm also now playing minecraft. I got it Saturday morning, and it pretty much took up my whole weekend. Creepy tall black dudes? With purple sparkles? Endermen, would be my guess. I've seen a couple in my house's basement (it's rather large, and eventually ends up in the caves below. Speaking of stuff, is there any way to get a lot of redstone (in survival mode?). I'm hoping there's a better answer, rather than just "mine a lot, deep in the earth".
  7. Just finished all but the tiny rings on fifty-four (54) Celtic Star ornaments. Man, this has taken a while. Also? Ow.

    1. Lysenis


      What materials? 54 is a LOT!!!!

    2. Benbu


      Bright Aluminum. I'm not (quite) crazy enough to try it in, say, stainless steel.

    3. Lady Jayne

      Lady Jayne

      I once made about 25 small stars in sterling, and 200 medium stars in bright and anodized aluminum for my wedding. I feel your pain, LOL!

  8. Benbu

    Minecraft anyone?

    Legos for adults? Heck, I'm an adult (age-wise, anyhow), and I still play with legos. Minecraft sounds like playing with legos you don't have to step on when you're walking around without shoes.
  9. My latest order just showed up! Wish I could skip work tomorrow to play with all the new toys!

    1. Benbu


      Poor thumbnail. I appreciate your sacrifice.

    2. madd-vyking
  10. Benbu

    Chainmail tree topper

    While Christmas is a while away, I figured I'd get everybody's ideas now. I made several Celtic Star ornaments before Christmas last year, and handed them to friends and family. My mother in particular loved them, and asked for many, for the tree next year. So far I'm working on making 50 of the Celtic Stars. Working on ideas for more ornaments (chain covered balls, etc), and tinsel (garlands?) for the tree, as well. The one thing I'd love to make would be something that went on the top of the tree. Any ideas on a weave/weaves that would support a chain something (probably stretched around some wire) that would fit the bill?
  11. Benbu

    Earring ring size estimate request

    I appreciate all the replies! Now to figure out what other rings and scales I need, to make another order!
  12. Have a friend who wants me to make a pair of these earrings: http://www.etsy.com/listing/113706167/eternity-earrings-peacock-niobium I know TRL has some, I'm just a little unsure of what size/id to use for them. If anybody would be up for estimates, I'd be appreciative.
  13. Benbu

    'Tis the season.

    Several hours. I didn't really keep track, as I was doing most (or all) of it while watching movies.
  14. Benbu

    'Tis the season.

    He was rather surprised. Everybody there got a big laugh at it, once they figured out what I'd done. I was crowned the gift wrapping king. At least until another friend of ours decides to weld steel plates together to wrap something. Took him a while, but he finally got one end open. He kept the rest, so he's still got a chainmaile pouch.
  15. Benbu

    'Tis the season.

    Like I think I mentioned earlier, I have a friend who loves to wrap presents to make them hard to get to. Had the thought earlier this year about trying to return the favor, and incorporating my newest hobby. 16g 1/4" stainless steel rings. The small edges aren't that well done (and I'm sure there are lots of bad closures at the ends. Those were hard to close). Still, I think that one will be a little difficult to unwrap.