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    Restock Items on TRL

    Every time that I click on check status for the restock items it takes me to old updates. Can someone give me a status on the 5X4X0.8 oval rings JSELEM-6X48SS?? Thanks for everyone help and their topics out here, I have found a lot of great and helpful information you all rock!
  2. bdbrian

    Ring Size Question

    I would like to do the Full Persian Cross from the book Classic Chain Mail Jewelry with a Twist - however, I can't afford sterling which is what this set of instructions call for. What can I substitute for the 19 g 5.0 mm jumps rings that would have bright silver color and what gauge would I need to go to in order to get a similar stuffness? 18 g 5.0 mm ? Thanks Bobbie (some what newbie)
  3. bdbrian

    Arizona Chainmail Gathering

    I'm not on my computer much at home because I'm on it all day long at work. But I would be interested if there is a gathering in Arizona. I am new to the art of chain maille and I love some the items I've seen made with chain maille. This would give me a chance to met people in Arizona that do this and hopefully to get better at this art. Thanks