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    Check out my Facebook page and if you like my work, hit me up on facebook if you want,, or PM me here. http://www.facebook.com\lonewolfarmory This armor is oven hardened leather.
  2. Canisunis

    Concerns for the indusry

    I found this link to how advances in photography are impacting photographers. I saw some similarities between this and the complaints and concerns I have heard here so I thought I would share: http://petapixel.com/2013/04/08/an-infographic-on-creating-sustainability-in-the-photography-industry/
  3. Canisunis

    Wolf Teeth and Wire!

    I like the Gremlin's Idea, just drill a single hole at the top of the tooth and thread one ring through it. or just push wire through the hole and twist a connector onto the top.
  4. Canisunis

    Best Cutters for Stainless Steel?

    I use my Ringinator EZ and I use the gallon jug of kids bubbles as lubricant. The only issue I have with this process is that sometimes it seems that the cut shifts off center and cuts like // instead of ||.
  5. Canisunis

    First project down, questions on second

    Hello, Aith! Welcome to the addiction. My first hauberk was made from real easy 12ga BA 1/2 inch ID. After wearing it a few hours I noticed that wherever it touched my skin it left the black rub off and became annoying. I soon made a new hauberk with the same stainless steel rings you used for your dice bag. It did weigh a few pounds, but if you weave in a few belt loops and wear a thick belt you can put some of the weight on your hips instead of all of it on your shoulders. I have also made a hauberk from 18ga 3/16id AA that is a nice compromise in the weight department. I prefer the look and feel of the stainless, but some situations call for the lighter armor. I wear a shirt under my heavier armors that uses fur on sheep skin as the padding. The padding works great and I love how I can wear any color under the stainless without worrying about rub off.
  6. Canisunis

    My first attempt at scale maille.

    I do love the look... awesomeness.
  7. Canisunis

    Glass Jump Rings

    http://www.riogrande.com/Product/Czech-9mm-Donut-Glass-Bead-Assortment/680756 These look like thy could fit the bill. I just googled Glass Doughnut Beads
  8. Those are excellent Katlee. thanks for the work.
  9. here is one I found a photo of carved from wood. I dont know how to convert it to the type you may need, but does this help?
  10. Jon, Can you do the wolf variant of the Trinity Celtic knot? I would buy a hundred or so of those or a single wolf paw print. PM me if you can do either. or both.
  11. Canisunis

    How do you work?

    I like to work on a piece of leather that is roughly 1 square foot.. I originally started doing this to protect the table's finish from scratches and such, but started liking how the rings were easier to weave into the work as the leather seemed to hold the pieces aloft just a bit. I found some small stainless steel bowls at IKEA that I keep my rings in as I work.
  12. There is a thread here: http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/topic/11331-my-winding-rig-picture-heavy/ that shows the winding rig I use, but if you search the forums you will find this question discussed multiple times.
  13. Canisunis

    Troubles with dicebags

    I believe it was,, I swiped s couple from my grandfather's shed. He used them to put his fly fishing reels in them.
  14. Canisunis

    Troubles with dicebags

    my previous dice bag was made from a purple velvet-like material with some gold embroidery on it and the dice seemed to rub together in the bag and I occasionally had to replace numbers on dice. I would say most of the number loss would be from the edges of other dice, not from the bag wall.
  15. Canisunis

    Comments about closures

    I was a lurker here a long time before I started posting anything, and I have a guide line that I like to use. If I am going to find something to point out where the artist could have improved, then I must also point out something I admire. I know this site Encouraged me to better my skills with comments like "looks great but stabilizing those edges will really make it look finished." SO I try to help in the same way.
  16. Canisunis

    Metric ring sizes without making your own?

    most weaves work for certain aspect ratios, if the patterns you are using do not list aspect ratios you can calculate them pretty easily by dividing inner diameter by wire thickness. Then find the same Aspect ratio in the wire size you want to work with.
  17. Canisunis

    Metric ring sizes without making your own?

    most of the rings at TRL have a listing for actual size. it is in the Stats section and looks like this Wire Dia.: 0.1'' 2.5 mm and the ID is also listed as below. 0.524'' 13.31mm Then they list the AR for your shopping pleasure.. AR: 5.6
  18. Canisunis

    My winding rig (picture Heavy)

    I was asked in another thread about my winding rig, so I figured I would take photos and post them here. The first one is the rig clamped to the counter. The rest have descriptions in them. If you have any questions let me know.
  19. Canisunis

    mixing metals

    I developed the same technique as Twilightbanana with the only real difference is where he uses flat nose pliers I have modified a set of flat nose pliers down to where they only have about 1/2 inch jaws. The jaws are still smooth and at that length really allow for good grip and leverage when twistbendpushing the ring closed. I work mostly in stainless and make mostly armor, but I do get the occasional request for jewelry and I will throw some other metals in there for color.
  20. Canisunis

    My winding rig (picture Heavy)

    When I run the wire to the top of the coil as shown, the rings come out with the right side closer to me if I am holding the ring with the cut pointing up. I call these right handed, and it is the same as I get the precut from TRL. If you wanted the rings the other way, you could just run the drill the other direction and have the wire spool onto the mandrel from the bottom. I have seen some improvements I could make from the other posts here, and may be incorporating them in the next revision. Perhaps even a sled for my drill to ride on. Love that Idea.
  21. Canisunis

    Need help with sleeves, new at this.

    I made some sleeves out of small scales and I did it by taking a bunch of measurements and drawing the pattern on the workbench. I measured from the shoulder seam where I was going to attach it all the way to my wrist. Then took circumference measurements every 2 inches along my arm. down to the wrist. then drew a straight line down the table the length measurement and marked every 2 inches along that line. I then drew in each of the circumference measurements as a perpendicular line to the length line at each of the 2 inch marks. I then took a wrist measurement and a top of the arm measurement. I put these two perpendicular lines on the corresponding end of the length lines. Then I connected the points of the circumference lines to make a the final pattern for the sleeves.. The only drawback I ran into was putting it on. If your wrist is tighter than you can squeeze your hand through you will have to leave a portion of the forearm open and close it somehow after your hand is in. I have laced, and zippered. lacing looks good zippers can be done with the other hand...I have not tried elastic yet.
  22. Canisunis

    Ringinator Issues and Production Questions

    See this post. http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/topic/11331-my-winding-rig-picture-heavy/
  23. Canisunis

    My winding rig (picture Heavy)

    No,,not hand cutting stainless. I have a Ringinator EZ and I can cut through that coil in about 5 min, but I usually make about 10 or 12 coils before I start cutting. So I get saw cut rings and can make them to almost any size I want without waiting on international shipping.