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  1. RossZone

    Chainmail And Glass Die

    Not sure I've ever seen Japanese 8-in-2, but there are 125 marbles, so a 5x5x5 marbles, so yes marbles all the way through the center too.
  2. RossZone

    Scale and Nickel Silver Necklace

    Blue and purple anodized aluminum scales with a Full Persian weave chain of nickel silver.

    © RossZone.com

  3. RossZone

    Purple, Lavender, and Steel Flower Necklace

    Purple, white painted, and stainless steel scales. Half-Persian 3-in-1 chain (both left facing and a right facing segment)

    © Chad Ross - RossZone.com

  4. RossZone

    Game of Thrones Inspired Necklace - Daenerys

    Nicely done. I always think the split/v-connection in Full Persian allows for taking a so-so piece and making it great.
  5. RossZone


    I've been using pairs of these http://www.amazon.com/Beadalon-Bent-Chain-Pliers-Style/dp/B004DGIR5M for quite some time now. You can even pick them up for 40-50% off at Michaels or AC Moore with one of their weekly coupons.
  6. Woah... I place an order that has 81 different items, and within 4 hours I have a 'Shipped' notice!? I mean, I did click 'Give Sugar' a bunch... :)

  7. RossZone

    Nickel Silver Dragonscale Bracelet

    Hopefully that means we are both on the right track.
  8. RossZone

    Gold Vs Orange

    I do like the new orange. Much shinier, and more consistent color too.
  9. RossZone

    Nickel Silver Dragonscale Bracelet

    This bracelet hasn't been cleaned in 6 months, and I took the picture yesterday. I love NS for that reason, it barely seems to age.
  10. RossZone

    Snakeskin Persian Dragonscale Necklace

    Persian Dragonscale Necklace: 18g 7/32" copper, bronze, nickel silver, and brass in a snakeskin-style pattern. Looks good on it's own, or looks great knotted or twisted.

    © RossZone.com

  11. 18g 7/32" nickel silver with 20g 5/32" bright aluminum for a stunning dragonscale bracelet. Alas, Nickel Silver, how we knew ye. You will be missed.

    © RossZone.com

  12. RossZone

    Big Brother Scale Dragon

    About 12".
  13. RossZone

    Big Brother Scale Dragon

    The 16g version of it's younger baby brother: http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/5152-dragon-key-chain-front/ http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/5153-dragon-key-chain-hanging/ This version isn't a keychain, since the person it is for will most likely just be using it as decorative sculpture. 16g 1/4" stainless steel, 16g 1/4" red AA, and AA and brushed large scales. The nose ring is a titanium spacing ring from an old hard drive.

    © RossZone.com

  14. My three favorite, yet frustrating words: "Out for delivery"

    1. mimic


      Mine too. I hope you get your delivery soon.

  15. RossZone

    Nickel Silver

    You're right. Now I recall how I got '1600': When I noticed it was being discontinued, it let me put 1600 oz in my cart without saying 'out of stock', so I figured there was at least that much on hand. And if it really was such a low seller, 100 lbs of my favorite ring would be in stock longer than a month longer.