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    Minor Leatherworking, Reading, Everything Jewelry Related, Theatrical Design (props, set, costuming, SFX makeup, etc...), stick welding, brazing, wire working... I'm sure more will come to me as life goes on...
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    What's in a name?

    I suppose this would be my introduction, wouldn't it? Carry on... When I was a wee little teenager, around christmas time my little brother came home and in class they had come up with Christmas Elf Names... I think his was Gumdrop or the name of some other vile confection commonly thought of around the time. Either way it did not fit his current state of being and my family and I set about correcting this mistake. I couldn't tell you any that we first came up with, but eventually we got to the root of the names, the hyperactivity that usually is associated with too much candy consumed in a short amount of time. And when that happened, everyone decided that their Dear Sibling or Daughter didn't deserve to be left out of this ritual name calling, so in the end I was dubbed Twitch, and my Dear Sibling was now known as Spazz... I wasn't complaining, we were children who knew of our insanity and loved to exploit it at any interval we wished. Of course my variation of the name stuck, and my brothers didn't, which says something about my peculiar brand of psychosis, but who is counting???