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  1. I coil and cut my own BA, though i do order the spools of wire from TRL because i haven't found a cheaper place locally to buy it.

    They come out really good. Only problem i have is that my saw cutting rig has some wobble to the blade so the openings are a bit inconsistent, but that issue will be fixed as soon as i can build a new rig.

  2. I think he's wondering, though, if because of the way Elfweave is made the metal rings that you have to add will prevent the rubber rings from stretching. I think I've got some EPDM and rings suitable for Elfweave around here someplace-- let me check

    This is exactly what i am wondering, by the look of the weave, i cannot easily see how it could be done and remain stretchy.

  3. If you're fine with surgical stainless then you most definitely do NOT have a nickel allergy. Before you start you need to be sure exactly what your allergy is or you risk making a shirt that could injure you severely. Getting contact dermatitis over your entire torso is a serious matter.

    My allergy is a nickel allergy, I have been tested. I have had the allergy my entire life and have never had a problem with surgical steel.

  4. I will be using the large anodized aluminum scales for most of the project and small scales in a few locations. Galvanized steel, along with any non surgical grade stainless steel aren't really options for me.

    Looking at The Ring Lords selection for Titanium is listed as a Grade 5 alloy Ti-AL6-V4, seems to me that would be the Ti6-4 that you referenced.

    Thank you for the help. xD

  5. I am thinking about starting a Scale Mail shirt for a costume for myself. There is however one major road block, i have a nickel allergy. So my question. Is Bright aluminum strong enough for the sizes of wire needed to hold together the scales without opening under the weight of the shirt itself? Would anodized aluminum perform better as i understand the anodizing process makes the wire stronger? Or do i simply need to use Niobium or Titanium jump rings?