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    Dragons, video gaming, cosplay, fencing
  1. Vinderex

    Dragon head

    Here's a new, recently finished head of my dragon character. Started off with a resin blank, and then covered it with anodized aluminum scales. The "hood" part is standard scalemail with large scales and steel rings, while the face uses small medium and large scales glued directly onto the blank. Also special ordered some "unholy" scales for this project.
  2. Vinderex

    Alternatives to padded gambeson

    I wear a plain old collared shirt underneath my scale armor, and pull the collar up and over it. Works great.
  3. Vinderex

    Elastic scalemaille?

    Has anyone here successfully made any sort of elastic scalemaille? If so, then how did it work out, and how did you go about doing so? I've got a way in mind that basically involves a combination of small metal rings and large rubber rings. The metal rings should be small enough to only just fit around the top portion of each scale, and then the large rubber rings will be folded in half through each scale and then go down and be connected to the metal rings on the next row of scales. But as of now this is only an idea and I've not had a chance to try it, so I have no idea how well it will work. Anyone got any more ideas on how to create an elastic scalemaille weave?
  4. Vinderex

    Dragon tail out of scalemail

    I did mine a little differently by working some plates in of gradually increasing size. They're made from light guage steel sheets which you can find at places like Hobby Lobby, and which can be easily cut with a good pair of tin snips, and then I covered them with leather and drilled some holes in the sides . The basic concept is the same though, make a tube that gradually gets thinner as you move down. For that, use this weave every few rows (would be best done on the underside in your case so it doesn't interfere with the colored spine): I also suggest making everything as a flat sheet first, and then closing it as the last step.
  5. Vinderex

    No-hole AA Large scales?

    I found a little oopsy in the last batch of scales I ordered, a scale with no hole. Turns out though that it was exactly what I needed, and I'd actually really like to get more of them. Is there any way I could possibly custom order a bag of scales without holes?
  6. A mannequin! It was sure one heck of a surprise. What better way to display my work though? After all, it doesn't do me any good just sitting in the closet.
  7. Vinderex

    Person behind the maille

    Don't know why I never thought to post this here sooner. I'm on the right of course.
  8. Vinderex

    Any furry maillers?

    Aye! I'm furry, well... more scaly, but same idea. And I used scalemail to make my furscalesuit.
  9. Vinderex

    Post your best complete suit

    Finally I have a complete suit to show! Here's my best! (and only. lol)
  10. And here it is!
  11. Vinderex

    The Question Game

    Well, it's a little early to be thinking about that isn't it? I'm only 23. XD An airplane will probably be involved somehow though. Favorite Halloween costume?
  12. Vinderex

    What are your favorite metals?

    Heavy, power, and symphonic. Lots and lots of drums and guitar, but backed up with a hint of prettier stuff like orchestras and choirs . Oh... We're not talking about that kind of metal? EDIT: Argh! I didn't notice until after I had posted already that someone beat me to it. XD That's what I get for posting before reading.
  13. Vinderex

    Where do I start?

    If you're aspiring to armor making, gauntlets would be a decent project to start with, but you'd probably want some sort of backing, like fur or leather (I used faux-fur) to help them keep their shape or else they can sag pretty easily, at least in my experience, but I'm fairly new too. I'm not sure about the other weaves, but Dragonscale from what I've heard is one of the very most time consuming weaves, so I'd definitely suggest experimenting with the others before trying it.
  14. Vinderex

    Progress on my scale vest.

    Finished the mask now. Went to go get wing materials tonight, but couldn't find exactly what i wanted, so I'll be checking the hobby store tomorrow. For now I've got a frame made from coathanger wire. Meanwhile I'll be working on a tail until I can get what I need for the wings. Something random: Is it just me, or does the paint in the bowl look like a turd?
  15. Vinderex

    Progress on my scale vest.

    Neat idea. I'm not crazy about the idea of fine scales honestly since they're supposed to be large scales themselves, but stenciling is a great idea. Maybe I could give them a veiny texture or something similar.