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  1. joecichlid

    Byzantine segment

    Beyond impressive. I could see using that to make some ear rings. How long did it take you to weave that length?
  2. joecichlid

    Dice bags?

    I made one using a European 4-1 as you would do a coif. If you have never tried anything like that you start out with pretty much as many rings as you can get onto one ring and every row slip double up on a few of the rings to expand it. I will try and get some photos of the one I made to share. I made mine out of bright aluminum and the person I made it for used ink stamping pads to color it *she does a lot of scrapbooking stuff* and it turned out looking like anodized Ti or Niobium. Joe W.
  3. joecichlid

    Using same tumbler as for ammo/brass cleaning?

    With a little shopping around you can find the corn cob in different sized pieces. It is used as a blasting media and a lot of places that deal with blasting media should be able to get cob in the smaller grit sizes so it doesn't get stuck in your rings like some of the larger grit cob will. As for a polish, a mix of NuFinish Car Wax and oderless mineral spirits to thin it makes a GREAT polish for brass and copper. Joe W.
  4. joecichlid

    Ring making

    FANTASTIC!! Thank you for sharing the link. I might get back into making my own steel rings once more now that I have a better way to cut them cleanly. Joe W.
  5. joecichlid

    Leather ends for bracelets...where to buy?

    You beat me to it! Scrap leather and a few cents worth of eyelets and a snap set. Easily something that could be made for well under a buck a set with your pick of leathers. Joe W.
  6. joecichlid

    tumblers and media

    I shoot competitively and because of that I have to reload my own ammo, as part of the reloading I clean my brass in a vibratory tumbler. I picked one up at one of the big named sporting goods stores and it has been running for years now. The reason I mention this is because the nut that holds the lid on is a rubber coated nut so it doesn't back itself off the bolt during hours of vibranting. You might try thowing a rubber o-ring under the wing nut that has an internal dia just a bit bigger than the bolt and made thick enough so it won't squish through the lid. At worst you are out a few cents if it doesn't work. Joe W.
  7. joecichlid

    Pricing my products

    I have just started to sell some of my work and have been debating what I should charge, this has been a huge help when it comes to my pricing.
  8. joecichlid

    Making your own anodized rings.

    Sweet!! Thank you! I have been wanting to try some custom colors and this would be great for that. Joe W.
  9. joecichlid

    Getting started again.

    It is like riding a bicycle, it may take a few minutes to remember what you need to do but once you get that going it will go as smoothly as it did before. Joe W.
  10. joecichlid

    Color question....

    I was looking at the AA 18g 1/4" Saw cut links and I know the lighting can play a huge factor in it but the purple looks more like a light blue to me. Do you corrently offer, or have you offered, rings of this size in a very dark purple? Thank you in advance. Joe W.
  11. joecichlid

    bracelet sizes?

    I have been wondering the same thing. Thank you to all for the helpful information. Joe W.