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    Medieval enthusiast since the age of six, all been downhill from there. :P
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    Sword play, archery, armoury, building, alpine skiing, rock climbing, kayaking, video games, etc.
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    Spring of 2002
  1. finally got past mailler's block; friend comissioned a full outfit, for TRF in the fall.

  2. All flavors of steel. But then, my interest is mostly armour, so take that as you will. Spring Stainless for butted or welded, mild for flattened and riveted.
  3. Keegan

    Where did your get your avitar?

    Rather silly, slightly creepy pic a friend took of me at TRF a couple years back. I'd just talked to the smith on-site for about 3 hours, and he'd sold me that hat for a fraction, simply because I'd sat and jawed, and had been interested in what he was doing.
  4. Keegan

    And I wondered why this forum was dead

    *strolls in, looks around* Yep, this place is just as it was when I last dropped in. *wanders back out*
  5. Keegan

    Texas time again...

    If they do, I've got a stack of comp tickets...
  6. Keegan

    science fair!!!

    Seriously...my eye just twitched when I read that.
  7. Keegan

    science fair!!!

    Problem? Hypothesis? Conclusion? What about 'chainmaile' are you proving/disproving/testing? Knowing this may help provide info on the best way to go about presenting these facts.
  8. Keegan

    Finished torso armor with brass large scales

    *points to his signature*
  9. Reminds me of my cousin when he was younger. He had/has ADHD.
  10. Keegan

    Best Clasp?

    http://www.theringlord.org/forum/showthread.php?t=42471 This new clasp looks promising...
  11. Keegan

    Graduated Squared Full Persian

    Rose, this is unreal! Its absolutely gorgeous! If ever there was a piece that really made me want to put down my armor and work on jewelry again, this would be one of the top three. Wonderful; bravo! I think it would be really cool if you could fuse the rings shut after you finished, to -really- confuse people on finding your closures...
  12. Keegan

    Score and Break Stainless Steel

    Steel rod on the inside, a sharp cold chisel, a hammer, and something to keep the coil from rolling? Second thought was of a modified english wheel, with two sharp-faced wheels inside and out, but can't figure out how that inside wheel would fit...
  13. Keegan

    North Texas Gathering...

    Dallas is closer for me, but I'm good for either one. Just need'ta figure out which weekend.
  14. Keegan

    legging armour

    Later versions had wrap plates that covered about 3/4 of the thigh, and wings on the poleyn eventually became larger. Course, around the 16th century, they had fully encased legs, with compression articulation covering the back of the knee... (see Henry VIII's foot combat armor)