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    I'm a total geek, nerd, whatever you want to call it. I love geeky things, Felicia Day, Warhammer Fantasy and 40k novels, Dr. Who, etc. etc.

    oh and that terrible picture of me? it's a viking-knit mustache ;p
  1. Krystalchains

    creating wedding rings

    I've soldered small 20g rings in a byzantine pattern before. Basically it takes for ever. So much patience. Not sure exactly what you are using, but I soldered all the rings that could be pre-closed first, then I soldered each individual ring and protected the already soldered ones with rio chill gell, protecting the joints. Then, of course you have to file, sane and polish it all.
  2. Krystalchains

    New Mailer Questions

    Hey, I am new to this forum, but not new to chainmailling. I was lucky enough to learn in a group. We started a weekly group maybe 6 years ago and taught ourselves everything. It only lasted a few years but I'm still going Anyways, I'd be happy to help with any questions you have that are chainmaille-jewelry related. You can message me here, I think. Also the way I learned was European 4-in-1 & 6-in-1 chain and sheet, Byzantine, Spiral, the common Persians, Helm....and I can't remember the order of the rest but those were my starting points and the ones I use most often. As far as scratch mark goes, deff don't use pliers with teeth as they are pretty unnecessary for jewelry. Time helps a lot because you gain finesse and if all else fails a plastic dip can help for the tools. Something like this: http://www.riogrande.com/Product/Tool-Magic-Coating-for-Tool-Tips/116583?pos=1
  3. I have been using TheRingLord products for years and years, but just got around to making this account. Hello fellow people who enjoy spending far too much time with pliers.

    1. StanleyIndraven


      never too much time can be spent with pliers. Welcome

  4. Krystalchains


    copper and enameled copper bracelet

    © Krystalchains, Inc

  5. Krystalchains

    The Sea Myth

    Lots of love went into this one. I also made the center piece to hold the carved bone cab. You can check out more detailed views by going to my etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/96737651/the-sea-myth-steampunk-necklace

    © Krystalchains, Inc.

  6. Krystalchains

    Nix's beloved

    love copper, it's my fav metal to work with!
  7. Krystalchains

    Maille Symmetry

    deff cool looking