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  1. Katlee

    Scales - all materials and sizes

    Is there any plan to make more colors in the Bright Anodized Aluminum - Small Scales? (like Z-SCSM-TBA-PUR but in champagne, bronze, sky blue, etc).
  2. An odd suggestion I guess, but might be easy to do (don't know, still trying to get my own site situated). Is there anyway to make the shopping cart show in order of the kind of rings (eg. all 16g 1/4" rings showing together, then all 16g 5/16" showing together)? I hope that's clear enough. It would make it a little easier to know what I'm looking at instead of looking around the cart to see what I have of what size rings ordered. Silly, maybe, but I have a little bit of a brain issue and I get lost when I'm trying to order rings sometimes. Having them show by ring type would just make it a little easier. Thanks!
  3. Katlee

    Yay for information!

    I'm using stainless steel for the first time (for a project, I tried opening a few rings I got a while back in a floor sweepings, and handed the pliers over to the hubby instead), and as they're finger rings, I wanted/needed to know if they had nickel in them as well as "how much" or whether they'd be hypoallergenic. My first stop? The stainless section, of course. Didn't see it there, so I then went to the materials info link... and wouldn't ya know, there it was! Not really how much nickel is in it, but what the alloy is (same as the "surgical steel" earring hooks and studs I get for my earrings), and actual information. This is what keeps me coming back here (well, besides the great quality, variety, and intensely patient and kind staff! ). I know I can count on actually getting the info I need.
  4. Katlee

    Plated Rings - all materials and sizes

    Update on the triangle rings? (PRB-8-Triangle). Thanks!
  5. Katlee

    Plated Rings - all materials and sizes

    Any idea when the PRB-8-Triangle will come back in stock? Just found a great use for them and I'm getting low. (ordered the wrongs on the last order and I'll figure out what to use them for, but I can't use them for the same thing). Thanks!
  6. Katlee

    Question about aluminum scales

    Ok, have another questions on the aluminum scales. I think I mentioned that I'm painting them, and thus need a rough surface so the paint sticks. Does anyone know if the frost or the brushed would be good enough for the paint to just stick without me having to really rough up the surface? (maybe just hit it with a little sandpaper rather than pull out the dremel and really give it a good once over). (I found out that my previous problem with the lip is because I was actually pulling out steel scales from my "mixed bag" when I thought they were aluminum. They still have a lip, of course, but it's MUCH easier to get off!)
  7. Katlee

    Question about aluminum scales

    How loud is the tumbler? We live in a duplex now and I don't want to annoy our new neighbor (she's a nurse so I'm guessing she has odd hours).
  8. I haven't used scales much, and what I have used are mostly the tiny ones. I've started using the small scales recently and I've found that what I have (which are, honestly, from one of the old "floor sweeping" bags), there's a kind of sharp "lip" around the punched hole (I'll also be using some large ones, too, but not as many. But I'm still seeing the same problem there). As these are going to be earrings, I'm trying to get rid of that edge, and I'm finding that I need to use one of my drum sanders on my dremel,... and it's catching the scale to do so. I have a softer sander thing, but it doesn't get rid of that lip at all. I'm painting/drawing on these to add my art to my jewelry, and that lip messes up the use of it. Are any of the aluminum scales more free of that lip? I don't care if they're any of the anodized ones as I'm sanding them down anyway so the color doesn't matter. Or maybe the frost ones would work better because they're already rough? I don't have a tumbler, but I do "tumble" my rings in bags in the wash (courtesy of a wonderful tip from calisandra), but I don't know if that will get rid of that lip at all. Thoughts?
  9. Katlee

    Anodized Aluminum

    Anodized Aluminum 20ga 3/16'' ID - Saw Cut OMG!!! *bounces around the room like an idiot* Is there an ETA on these?! I'm so excited!!!!
  10. Katlee

    Anodized Aluminum

    Ok, yeah, I thought that would be the case. Just thought I'd ask. Thanks!
  11. Katlee

    Anodized Aluminum

    I've picked up some of the twisted square wire 16g rings and I'm in love. Any plan to make them in different gauges, like 18g?
  12. Katlee

    Twisted Aluminum

    I just ordered a bag of the 16g twisted rings, and I love the look! I was wondering if there was any plan on doing the same thing in smaller wire (like 18g)? Don't know if it's doable, I can imagine it puts some stress on the wire to do the twisting, especially with how "perfect" the twist is! (how do y'all do that!??!). Going to have to order more of these, but I don't use 16g very much.
  13. Katlee

    PSX 20160928 072155

    This is very nice! What size crystals are you using?
  14. Katlee

    Scales - all materials and sizes

    Also, any chance of getting the tiny scales in copper? Even just a small run to try the out? Thanks!
  15. Katlee


    I'll consider it. I have a hard time getting the square wire to be straight. Always seems to twist.