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    Salisbury, NC
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    Art, video games, jewelry (making, not necessarily wearing), polymer clay, computers, cars

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About Me

I'm a happily married woman with no human children (no interest at all). We have 2 dogs (Duncan, a doberman/schnauzer mix and Percival, a black pitbull/lab mix), and 3 cats (Guinness, a tortoiseshell; Murphy, a tonkinese; Ruination, a dilute tortoiseshell). Currently live in Salisbury, NC, but originally from Buffalo, NY, lived in Chattanooga, TN for 10 years, and lived in Houston, TX for 3 years.

I'm an artist (realism, work in acrylic paint and colored pencils, some of my stuff can be seen at katleeshank.com), and chain mail jewelry maker, adding beads and gems and the like to it all. (started in... 2011 or so I think, although I sort of played around some way back in 93). I also work a little in polymer clay doing small sculpture and beads.

Very much a 'geek', have had a computer since I was 12 and couldn't live without one now. Also play video games (XBox mostly, shooters and rpg type games, and some casual games), and generally just 'goof off' on my computer. I love cars, but currently driving a Jeep Commander that I "inherited" from the hubby who got a company car. Not my dream car, but it works and I've gotten used to it. I also 'have' a '68 Olds 442, but it's in NY and with nowhere to keep it here to work on it, I leave it with my father in hope that he might actually get it running like he's said he would (expert mechanic, no motivation).

If there's anything else you're interested in (after all this babbling, you're likely wondering why you read all of this!), feel free to ask. :)