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    welding, offroading, paintball, snow sports, building stuff with my hands.
  1. sandfreestyle

    Chainmail sleeve

    Nice work! I see the COC cafeteria is a good photospot
  2. sandfreestyle

    Person behind the maille

    Is that gold top Dragonscale weave? If so, how many rings was that?
  3. sandfreestyle

    How big are your orders?

    mine is just over $200, but I started at $50 and went up from there,
  4. sandfreestyle

    My new toy

    part cost add up fast dont they? haha I know very well how it goes. I have about $2000 worth of engine parts I have to put on my atv after I blew it up. While it was apart I figured I'd throw some upgrades at it.
  5. sandfreestyle

    My new toy

    Just be careful because straight pipes can rob your low end torque. The engine needs some kind of back presure to build low end power so dont go completely straight pipe. Oh, and get an outwear for the air filter. It saves you a lot of time cleaning the filter all the time and help add more filtration. Another thing that is pretty flamable that you really dont thing about a lot is electical tape. That is everywhere and melts really fast taking all the electronics with so be careful. JEEP = Just Empty Every Pocket
  6. sandfreestyle

    My new toy

    as long as you have fun safely and legally, the more power to you and dont let anyone put you down for it
  7. sandfreestyle

    My new toy

    I guess I'm so use to 2.4L turbo Subaru powered sand rails that anything below 1L is no fun. But then I also want a scooter myself just for fun and the ability to get 65mpg.
  8. sandfreestyle

    My new toy

    a scooter engine huh.
  9. sandfreestyle

    My new toy

    is the engine a Briggs and Stratton or what? And is the JK a Rubicon edition? Tires say yes but no hood sticker.
  10. sandfreestyle

    My new toy

    You're gonna want more power and suspension travel after a while. But it becomes a sickness trust me, worse then maille. I'm surprised the orange Jeep JK isn't lifted. Jeep = Just Empty Every Pocket. I should know, I have 2 that are money pits but I wouldnt have it any other way
  11. sandfreestyle

    The beginning of my insanity

    I thought 3600 was a lot, but that's large scales to. If I do mine in small scales it will be close to 12,000 without sleeves.
  12. Really hoping for an update to my order made 6 days ago. Fairly large thats why the hold up.

    1. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      If you need an update please email - I can't easily tell who you are from the Forum.

    2. sandfreestyle


      I got an shipped update yesturday so all is well. Thanks!

    3. Mac The Knight

      Mac The Knight

      I hope sandfreestyle recieves that large package he is waiting for!

  13. sandfreestyle

    The beginning of my insanity

    how many scales are you up to?
  14. sandfreestyle

    Looking for some Titanium and Niobium

    The Niobium is about the same amount of what I'm looking for but I'm more interested in the TI. Niobium was just in case someone didn't want theirs anymore.
  15. sandfreestyle

    Looking for some Titanium and Niobium

    Looking to play with some TI and maybe Niobium before I make a large order to see if I'm going to like it. No color or purple is preferred but not a must. Looking for maybe 100 rings in either 16g 3/8 or 18g 1/4.