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  1. Muppet

    Titanium FP

    Its a s-clasp, I made from slightly flattened 1.6mm Ti wire
  2. Muppet

    Titanium FP

    Made of 0.9mm Grade 1 Titanium. ~5,0mm ID. Absolutely Not a favourite weave to make, but finished it looks amazing.
  3. Muppet

    What's in a name?

    Didn't know there were places women arent allowed to go topless.. Sir Osis means "Sir Bad Luck" in Swedish
  4. Muppet

    Looking for sterling connectors

    I've been scouting riogrande.com Just to make thing clear, its just a different connector for a ball chain. Instead of using a connector like: https://theringlord.com/images/products/jewelrysupplies/CHAIN-BALL-SS.jpg connector, its a connector which you could connect to a lobster clasp. I know there is a couple of different styles around, but I want this design, in sterling silver.
  5. Muppet

    other hobbies

    I just love cooking and baking. My favourite is cinnamon buns. Making at least one batch every week ^^.
  6. Been searching different webshops for ages, looking for sterling silver bead tips. Does anyone know where to find bead-tips like this, fitting a 2mm ballchain? I know there are some other styles around, but I really want them to look like this...
  7. Note-To-Self! Do NOT try a new weave for the first time after a handful of beers. It will take a looong time to figuring out what u did wrong...

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    2. Jax25


      It sounds more like you should try new weaves and video tape it so you know what you did. :)

    3. Chainmailbasket_com


      I don't know Jax25. What happens on drinking night stays on drinking night.

    4. Jax25


      I didn't say they had to share the video with the world. :P

  8. Muppet

    Elfweave 1

    My first elfweave try. Maybe I'm wearing it inside out, but I like this way better since it's rather stiff the other way. Made of BA18316 and AA18316.
  9. Muppet

    The Question Game

    Completely new to this forum I'll give this one a shot.. "Build a bridge out of her!" What the name of Biggus Dickus wife?
  10. Muppet

    New User Thread

    Well.. Hello Just managed to apply for this forum and want to say: Hi, to you all ! Found this site when I googled the web for jumprings and found out that its a lot cheaper, to buy/import from TRL, than buying from local stores/webshops in Sweden, regardless of the customs duty & postal fees... In expectation of my first order, I've been making my own jumprings from copperwires at work, . Just to have some chainmailling to do... And I must say I'm looking forward buying premade saw-cut jumprings, since my fingers are pretty sore after all the work with the jewelers saw... Feel free to ask if there's something you want to know. // Muppet