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  1. tikTAK

    scale mail fitted bra

    thats awesome. how did you do the straps?
  2. tikTAK

    scale mail fitted bra

    That looks great, I wonder if there is some way to do it without the bra showing. I could get her to just go get a bra she loves and then it would be easier. did she do reductions in that somehow?
  3. tikTAK

    scale mail fitted bra

    more pictures of the plan... there bad but you get the idea I guess.
  4. tikTAK

    scale mail fitted bra

    Thanks for all the input. I will probably do a laced up back. She says halter type suport stuff does cut into the neck but would having multiple straps be strange looking or maybe a wide triangular strap like my attachment (excuse the horrible drawing) with a lace up back, She is planning on wearing this with an underbust corset. She says she wants movement but not for it to hang loosely like the commonly seen scale tops. It needs support. What kind of lacing would be the best for this?
  5. tikTAK

    Paperclip Squirrel mail

    yeah that is awesome
  6. I hope by estimated delivery time they mean it.

    1. TRL Customer Service

      TRL Customer Service

      If you have a deadline please let us know (by email)- otherwise if there are any issues we don't know if an extra day makes a difference.

    2. tikTAK


      I was referring to the UPS estimated delivery time. I have had things delivered by them that the estimation was a week off! You already sent it though so not your problem right now :)

  7. tikTAK

    scale mail fitted bra

    Hours later I am also considering a M shape joined together from center of each cup to top with rings and laced with whatever straps I end up using for sholders. What kind of weave can you incorporate into scale mail for an under wire type support? I didn't order any elastic rings so it will be all metal, I don't know how well that would work with scales anyway. I have a feeling this is going to be one of the pull my hair out projects. My rings and scales for this should be here next Friday
  8. tikTAK

    scale mail fitted bra

    I want to make something fitted like this for a girl with HUGE boobs (38 GG) out of scale mail This may be an ambitious project for me but I have plenty of time. From the picture it looks like the center area part looks like it goes in but there was only a front picture. I was wondering if there were any other scale weaving patterns that can be done besides the basic one. I am guessing I should make a few scale fabric pieces and weave them together. I am hoping that the shape of this will give a decent amount of support but she will likely wear something under it anyway for comfort. ANY tips, links, or suggestions are welcome. I am a newb. I know to wash my rings but I don't know if I need to do the same with scales.