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  1. Pure Evil

    White Gold Fill Alloy question

    Blast! Thanks for the quick reply though.
  2. Hello, I am wondering if you could tell me the alloying elements used in the white gold fill? My main question is if it is a nickel or palladium based alloy (basically if I can say it is nickel free)? Thanks
  3. Pure Evil

    cost of scales (URGENT!!!)

    You mean, it works exactly like it sounds? crazy... SimonFman, I think you should re-consider your use of "URGENT!!!" in the subject line... you know, in the future... this doesn't really seem urgent at all.
  4. Pure Evil

    WOW! Cost of Car Parts

    Umm... not sure actually. It felt as if it was mis-firing/back-firing. Just shuddering and being generally sluggish sometimes, BUT working totally fine other times. Apparently the computer told them that all the cylinders were misfiring...
  5. Pure Evil

    WOW! Cost of Car Parts

    My story: I took my car (2001 Acura Integra) to a mechanic... 2 days and $250 later I got it back (minus the full gas tank it had had). 3 days later the same problem develops: A week and $300 later I get it back again. Minus the driver's side mirror. Which they agreed to replace (but it took them 3+ weeks to 'find' the part (is: he was trying to find the cheapest one he could in salvage)). 4 Months later: same problem. So I took it to the Dealership. Yes, I know expensive but I got in the next day, and got it back that same day. $220 later they took the damn thing apart (or so they say) looked around, checked things... couldn't find anything wrong with it, put it back together: and the thing is working fine now! Kind of frustrating.
  6. Pure Evil

    Knotted titanium

    Both are, as always, remarkable. But I'm sure you'll get told how nice they are by others. Do you happen to know the alloy of the titanium or if it was dead-soft temper when you started? I had always assumed that, though it would be impressive, that the Ti would never stand up to the repetitive stresses involved in tying it (even in a simpler knot). Did you have to treat it special in any way as compared to a standard silver wire knot?
  7. Pure Evil


    Either it's your specific order or your technique. I've ordered niobium rings in the past (not sure if I got that colour specifically), and not really had the problem you describe. Taping the jaws of your pliers might help, but it is a short term solution. You might want to gently file the edges of the jaws to round them out ever so slightly. Another option, which I've never actually tried, is the nylon jawed pliers http://www.theringlord.com/cart/shopdisplayproducts.asp?Search=Yes&sppp=1000&websess=95548538225033
  8. Pure Evil

    Trichonopoly 023small.jpg

    A Trichonopoly chain in 24ga fine silver wire. (5 loops around a 0.25" mandrel, drawn down after being made)
  9. Pure Evil

    Trichonopoly 020small.jpg

    The ends of a Trichonopoly chain in 24ga fine silver wire. (5 loops around a 0.25" mandrel, drawn down after being made)
  10. Pure Evil

    Trichonopoly 012small.jpg

    Trichonopoly chain in 24ga fine silver wire. (5 loops around a 0.25" mandrel, drawn down after being made)
  11. Pure Evil

    General Chainmail World Records

    There is also a question of what level of quality of work does one need to say that they 'wove' something. I sure someone could clip together 'raw' rings quicker than some much better weaver could actually weave quality stuff. Also, what's it matter? World records seem so silly to me sometimes. Who cares to track the worlds longest _whatever_?
  12. Pure Evil

    edible weaving

    I took a quick look and didn't see this posted already - if it has been mods feel free to delete/lock this thread. I had nothing to do with this project at all (I found through a link on a friend's Facebook), but thought you guys might get a kick out of it. It's not chainmail, strictly speaking, but it is links (of a sort) woven together... then toasted, then eaten... http://www.georgehart.com/bagel/bagel.html
  13. Pure Evil

    In the POOL on Thanksgiving

    I forget what the name for it is... but when I was younger we used to hop out of my friend's hot-tub, roll around in the snow (this is at probably around -10F (-25C)) till good and cold, then hop back in the tub (and hope you weren't foolish enough to touch anything metal while you were out of the tub). In hindsight I'm pretty sure its bad for you... *shrug* And 57F is maybe not great weather for swimming (unless you've been drinking, or are sneaking into a pool with someone of the opposite sex and don't have proper swimwear), but it is certainly still several degrees into shorts and a tee-shirt weather, that is totally reasonable down to below 35F (I've seen people outside, in shorts, tee-shirt and sandles at about 20F).
  14. Pure Evil

    weaving speed

    ha ha, I read that (the first time through) as saying that every time you eat you lose time, and thus thought you were suggesting people abstain from the activity of eating! On topic though: I prefer (if I'm adding more than a row or two) to make small patches, stitch them together, then add the section to the shirt. Not for any speed savings, purely for convenience and ease of handling.
  15. Pure Evil

    "Splatter Mask"

    I'm wondering what the initial velocity was though... lobbed by hand, shot from a cannon/gun, or shot from a rail gun.