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  1. Kamirose

    Storage on the Go

    This is what I'm looking at right now, haven't bought any yet, though. Probably not as portable as a tackle box, but no reason you can't carry a few without a handle in a bag or something
  2. Kamirose

    Just got a tumbler. Thoughts?

    So my amazing friends all chipped in and got me the UV-10 vibratory tumbler from TRL for my birthday. I love those guys I have a few questions about using it, though. It came with a bag of 'brass polishing compound' media or something along those lines. I wasn't able to find it on TRL's site, so I just wanted to know if anyone would know off the top of their heads if this is crushed walnut or something? It kind of looks like grains of rough sand, but I've never seen crushed walnut, so for all I know it could look the same... (I want to know so I can warn people in my Etsy shop in case they're allergic to walnuts). I also assume it's safe to use on copper and bronze and sterling. Also. I live in an apartment where everything is carpeted, plus we have three cats so there's fur in the carpet no matter how much we vacuum. I assume that the tumbler has to be on a hard surface, anyway. If I sweep the balcony outside very well, would it be okay to have it run outside, so long as I don't store it out there or run it while it's raining or something silly like that? Also, what would the approximate noise level be? I'm currently unemployed, so it'd be pretty easy to run it while most people are at school/work if noise levels are high, but I'd like to warn my downstairs neighbors or something if it's going to be really annoying. Another question (and it's possible that this is in the instructions and I just haven't read that far), but how long should I expect to be tumbling for a load of 1-2 bracelets/1 necklace at a time? TRL says it's faster than rotary tumblers, but I've never tumbled before so I'm unsure how long is average.
  3. Kamirose

    Chainmaille Newbie, looking for suggestions

    I tend to get rings to try a specific weave. Once I've done that weave to my satisfaction, I use MAIL's AR search tool to find other weaves that I can do. I've got quite a bit of 20g and 18g copper and BA, with a bit of bronze and stainless mixed in there. I'm also a beginner compared to a lot of people, though, and my collection is slowly growing.
  4. Kamirose

    Hypoallergenic options

    I know, I was hoping for a solution I could do from just what I have on hand. It takes TRL products 2 or so weeks to get to me, so waiting 2 weeks for a clasp didn't make much sense. For future reference though, does anyone know the answer to my question about enameled copper? If someone is allergic to copper, is the coating thick enough to prevent them from having a reaction?
  5. Kamirose

    Hypoallergenic options

    Yeah, I know about niobium and titanium, but I don't have any on hand, and don't know any place that sells them locally. I might pick up a few stainless steel clasps and niobium earwires on my next order, though, just to keep them on hand.
  6. Kamirose

    Hypoallergenic options

    Thanks everyone for the ideas I ended up using the magnetic clasp, since I had it on hand and the interwebz says it should be hypoallergenic. She wore an aluminum bracelet all day yesterday with no issues, so that works I'm gonna attach the same clasp to a stainless steel bracelet I have and have her wear that today to make sure she'll be good with that. In the future, I might try Blind Maille's string/ribbon idea if the issue comes up again.
  7. Kamirose

    Hypoallergenic options

    Unfortunately, I can't do that - she's a vet tech and can't wear bracelets to work. Besides, I have serious concerns about the safety of something like that, if it were to catch in something and she breaks her wrist or something like that.
  8. Kamirose

    Hypoallergenic options

    So my housemate is interested in commissioning me to make the scale bra that TRL just added. The only problem is, she's super allergic to some metals and she's not quite sure which ones they are, so she doesn't want to order it unless she's sure she won't react to it. My educated guess is it's mostly copper - she can't wear sterling silver at all, but she can wear white gold earrings, so it's not nickel. She says she also reacts to plastics and to pewter. My thought is to make a quick AA bracelet and a stainless steel bracelet to see if she reacts to either of those. The problem is I don't know whether I have hypoallergenic clasps on hand. I've got a few different things, but I don't know if they're good options, so I thought I'd ask you guys. I have the magnetic clasps that TRL sells - the "19x6mm Plated - Platinum Color" (fifth down from the top of the clasps page). It says it's magnetic hematite - is that hypoallergenic? I also have enameled copper wire that I can bend into clasps, but if she was allergic to copper, would she react to that? Or is the coating thick enough? Does anyone have any other ideas as to how I can see if she'd react to stainless or aluminum?
  9. Kamirose

    Is there a minimum order size?

    Ah, I see. Hadn't noticed that before. Thanks
  10. I'm trying to make a small order of 1x SXCU19316 and 1x SXCU20532 (supplies for a custom necklace I was asked to make). I have them in my cart, but they are automatically populating as 2x each. I'm just wondering if this because there is a minimum order or anything like that? If so, I'd rather order some findings or something to increase the final dollar amount of the order, instead of getting extra rings.
  11. So I'm trying to work with 18g 1/8" aluminum rings, and I can't for the life of me close a single one without nicking it (I have the same problem, to some extent, with copper as well). I've tried beveling my pliers, which I might need to increase the curve but I'm nervous to modify them too much since they're nice Wubbers and I can't afford to replace them if I go too far. I've heard about tool dip, but aluminum is not the only metal I work with. I have nylon pliers, but those won't work for tighter weaves. I can tape them, but replacing the tape every two or three rings is a pain. I've also tried changing how I grip the rings, but no matter how softly I grip them, I still damage them. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is this just a 'keep experimenting until you get it right' type of deal, or is there anything I'm missing?
  12. Kamirose

    Sanding down pliers?

    Lol I went in to buy the sandpaper today. The guy showed me to where they were and asked if I needed any help and I said no thanks. Then he asked me, "Are you an artist?" XD I wonder what made that obvious, lol.
  13. Kamirose

    Sanding down pliers?

    I was working in 20g, so my heavy duty pliers were too big to work with them efficiently. otherwise, yes, I would have used different pliers.
  14. Kamirose

    Sanding down pliers?

    Alright, thanks so much for the help I'll run down to an auto shop tomorrow for some sandpaper. I think I'll start off with just smoothing out the nicks and bevelling the edges a bit, and I'll go from there. Thanks!
  15. Kamirose

    Sanding down pliers?

    Do you just sand the edges of the pliers to bevel them, or do you sand the entire surface?