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  1. Vancelot

    20121105 220914

    First item made after receiving my Modified Knipex 2001160 Pliers. This is Byzantine, 2 Connectors. 14G Stainless Steel using a 17/64 mandrel.
  2. Vancelot

    I remember this busier.

    I am still old school when it comes to forums and IRC. I try to hang on, but will eventually move over to more modern forms of social conversations. I guess I need to check out the FB, G+, Twitter feeds of The RingLord.
  3. Vancelot

    Xuron Tools Warranty

    Ended up calling Xuron. The were very friendly and eager to help. They had me ship them the broken shears and said there would be no problem sending me a new pair.
  4. Vancelot

    Xuron Tools Warranty

    Thanks, I have an email sent to support now.
  5. Vancelot

    Xuron Tools Warranty

    I see that Knipex has a lifetime warranty on their tools, but didn't see any warranty info on the Xuron tools. I recently purchase the Xuron Premium Quality Shear KX9100. They were cutting beautifully through 1.2mm (21/128th ID) bright aluminum coils. After about halfway through the fourth coil, one side of the shear snapped clean off. Has anyone else had problems with these? Is there a Knipex equivalent that would make fine cuts? I half a pair of Knipex Cobalt Cutters that I have cut thousands of rings with and they still cuts as good as the day I bought them.
  6. Vancelot


    Any information on the weaves used here? My daughter really like this design.
  7. Vancelot

    bracelet sizes?

    What AR are you using for byzantine? I was thinking about testing this out with the BA wire I have coming.
  8. I would love to leave the stress of my I.T. job and do this. If it was only closer.
  9. Vancelot

    Dragon Key Chain / Front

    Any chance you would sell design plans for that?
  10. Vancelot

    Dragon Key Chain / Front

    I will have to try to make that! Good idea for Christmas gifts.
  11. Vancelot

    Round chain bracelet

    I like it. What is the guage and ID on the rings?
  12. Vancelot

    Texas Renaissance Festival (Check-in List)

    Only a 3.5 hour drive from East TX. Will definitely be there this year. Working out which weekend now.
  13. Vancelot


    Whoa! I would love to do this for my Camaro. Do you have instructions or did you just ad-lib?
  14. Vancelot

    Spiral 4 in 1

    Nice. Should be called DNA weave.
  15. Vancelot

    East Texas Gathering?

    I was planning on going to TRF this year, taking my son and his friends. Not sure which weekend though. We went to the Scarborough Faire last year and had a good time. This fair is a good one to see in one day. TRF feels like you need two days to see it all.