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  1. selppin

    Jewelry Welder - Some questions...

    Day 2, with welder. Getting a good penetration weld = more noticeable weld. I did a long set of silver rings 20g 1/8" with good deep penetration. The weld was much more noticeable, then I pull tested to breaking point. The rings all went bent very oval before one broke. If there rings went that oval on a piece the piece would be wrecked anyways even if it didn't break. Then I started turning down the welder to get nicer looking welds. The rings lost strength, but they were much stronger then open rings. The rings would just start to deform to an oval shape when one would let go. Anyways, here's a pic, 20g 1/8" silver and 24g 7/64" silver. The 24g comes out nice, you can get decent penetration with a nice looking weld. The 20g doesn't have as good penetration, I turned it down so it would look better. The 20g still has way more strength then an un-welded ring. **Remember this is only my second day with the welder, I was going for welds that looked better but still had decent strength.
  2. selppin

    Jewelry Welder - Some questions...

    @Jon - I've never seen your weld pencils so I don't know what they are like. But I can tell you that this one is far below par IMO. I'll be looking to replace it asap. If I knew this and you offered a good solution for $60 I probably would have bought it at the same time as the welder.
  3. selppin

    Jewelry Welder - Some questions...

    Ok the welder showed up yesterday, I played with it after work yesterday, probably did 300-400 rings of Stainless Steel, Silver, and Brass *I'm trying to be informative, these are my personal observations. I'm not putting these here to be negative about this product, I'm just trying to give a picture of how I found the item and it's performance. Like anything that is reviewed, I'm trying to be objective but my personal opinion, skill, and view will probably influence what is written.... so read with a grain of salt. #1) Forget about using machine cut rings with this, you need an extremely good closure for this to weld. Machine cut will rings will just result in 2 balls on each side of the joint. You need nice saw cut rings, you also need to have the ring closed very nicely and have the ring so that the rings ends are putting pressure against each other in order to get a good weld. #2) Lets be honest, with this welder consistency is key. Having mixed results of good and bad welds is not really acceptable. If you're going through the effort of welding the rings you want them all consistently close to being the same quality. This is proving to be a bit tricky and the electrode base is very light and the ceramic "cover" on the electrode is just loose on top of it. Getting the alignment and distance from the electrode to be consistently the same to get a nice repeatable weld is difficult to say the least. I'm going to try and rig up something to help stabilize the base and the ceramic cover, I'm hoping that will go a long way to help with repeatability. *If you watch their video, you can see half of an oval shaped object (I think it may be a rock) behind the electrode base post. That does not come with the welder, I think they added that to help stabilize and add weight to the base. #3) The area around the weld gets "hard" and brittle. The deeper the weld the harder it is and the more brittle it gets. This is especially true with stainless steel, the weld will break first as the rest of the ring will deform with the stress but the weld will stay ridged. I'm not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, I'm just trying to make this as informative as possible. That is it for a review for now, I want more time to play with the welder and practice before I post anything further. Distance from the electrode, thin or thick electrode, closure consistence, and power settings all effect the results. I need more time to work with the unit in order to give me a fair chance to learn how to use it well enough to judge the welds. @Tactical - Can you please post pictures of the rings you've fused together. That way I can see what I should be shooting for in weld results. Thanks
  4. selppin

    Jewelry Welder - Some questions...

    The current project I'm working on is in silver, it's my first big silver project. Before I just used silver as accents.
  5. selppin

    Jewelry Welder - Some questions...

    I ordered one yesterday, it still hasn't shipped yet. Once I get it I'll post some more info on how I find it.
  6. selppin

    Jewelry Welder - Some questions...

    I'm curious about this as well. I'm on the edge of buying one as well.
  7. selppin

    Long term darkening with Nickel Silver

    I don't have a tumbler so I can't shine up the SS, and SS never is as shiny as silver. Plus I live in Vancouver, it's humid salty air here, even SS with get some rust with age that will need to be cleaned. And once it's made it'll be to big to place in a tumbler, so it's not a good long term plan. I can't buy Inconel or monel rings, and I don't have a winding jig here so I can't make my own. Although I'm considering making a winding rig so I don't have to wait so long to get my rings and so I can make rings in the gauge and AR's that I want. However I think I'd just end up spending hundreds of dollars and hours messing around with my winding jig building it and then figuring out spring back, tension, cutting, etc. I really don't feel like doing that, I'd prefer to just buy my rings, I don't want to make more work for myself. But maybe it's time I bit the bullet and started to make a winding rig and buy a cutter.
  8. selppin

    Long term darkening with Nickel Silver

    Thanks so much everyone for all the feedback, it's been a HUGE help. I really appreciate all the information you've provided me with, you all make this forum the most awesome thing ever! HUGS!!! Chadamus - thanks for the suggestion but aluminum won't work, it's too soft, it'll just pull apart after a while. I like aluminum and use it often, but it just won't work for this one.
  9. Hi, First of all can people with direct first hand knowledge that know about nickel silver please be the only ones that give feed back on the darkening of it in the long them. I don't mean to be a b!tch about this, but I know a lot of people like to talk about how a "friend" or they "heard" on topics, I honestly need to know exactly now it's going to act not how it's been perceived to act through something you heard. I have several personal items that I want to make, they are all big projects taking thousands of rings. I want to do them with sterling silver as they would look unbelievably fantastic, but at $50'ish per oz each project would be $1,000 or more. With nickel silver being 1/10th the cost of sterling silver it makes the projects a lot more realistic for me budget wise. However I read on the nickel silver page that "This metal is fairly corrosion resistant and does not easily tarnish although it will darken with age" that part at the end, "will darken with age" is the part that concerns me. One of the main projects I want to do will use approx. 30,000 rings (my estimated calculation) and will take months to finish. I need the sparkle and shine of silver, and nickel silver is an ok'ish substitute at a vast cost savings. But I don't really want to spend months and months working on a piece that will "darken" in a couple years and not longer sparkle to an acceptable level. I live in Vancouver right on the pacific ocean, so it's really humid here, not sure if that will affect how fast nickel silver will darken or how dark it will get. I know sterling silver I can polish back to life and get it sparkling again, can I polish nickel silver back up to a high sparkle again? is it difficult? I have some sterling silver and nickel sliver here at home that I ordered from TRL so I could see what it's like in person. But I just don't know how much the nickel silver is going to "darken with age" or how fast it will darken or if it can be brought back to a high shine. I can't use aluminum because it's too soft, I need something harder like sterling silver or nickel sliver. I thought about using stainless steel, but looking at it here it's just not shining enough for my liking. Thanks for the help.
  10. selppin

    (Fe)Maille Corset

    Very cool, it's inspiring... Great work
  11. selppin

    Garter Belt bracelet

    Very Nice
  12. selppin

    Graduated JPL necklace

    It's very nice, I love it
  13. selppin

    other hobbies

    I want to learn how to blacksmith too, I also want to learn how to blow glass.
  14. selppin

    other hobbies

    It's a Hello Kitty target Who wouldn't enjoy putting a few rounds through her head?
  15. selppin

    other hobbies

    I love cooking to the point where I'll spend a weekend every now and again just experimenting with receipts. I'm 1/2 Ukrainian and make the most awesome perogies ever. I love to sew, making corsets, costumes, and such. I go to several dress up theme parties a year. My favourite holiday halloween because I get to do crazy outfits. In the winter I love snowboarding, I try to go every weekend in the winter. I also like guns, I only have one so far, it's a Beretta 90-two. I usually go at least once a month to the range to punch paper, I'd like to go more but it's almost an hour drive each way. I want to try/start skeet and trap shooting. Cars are also a hobby of mine, and since I finally got a storage garage closer to my condo I'm hoping to get some more time with the car and some track time this year.