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  1. Khollin

    Giveaway TRL Titanium saw cut rings.

    are you willing to ship to the US? if so PM me and ill get back to you as soon as i can. im on almost every day
  2. Khollin


    a hammer is going to do more damage to you than a knife and youre going to move slower in this heavy mail. maybe just invest in a leather jacket?
  3. Khollin

    round scales

    has anyone found a creative use for roundscale? im thinking of making a bag of some sort with the steel roundscales, sound reasonable?
  4. Khollin

    saw cut titanium odd cut angle?

    Let me know how you expect to be able to "mush" titanium lol (; I know what you mean. Ugh all of them are like that. This really sucks...
  5. Khollin

    saw cut titanium odd cut angle?

    Yes its the 22g 1/8in. I know how to close a ring but these are one step below awful
  6. Khollin

    saw cut titanium odd cut angle?

    So I recently recieved my 22g and 24g sawcut titanium rings and weaved a bit of dragonscale, ive noticed the 22g is cut at a weird angle, its (//) instead of (||) my 24g titanium is cut (||) how it is supposed to be, the angle of the cut (on the 22g) is rather extreme and closing properly leaves a sharp point and a more oval shaped ring as there is (relatively) quite a bit of the ring missing. im making a dragonscale ring and having sharp points is going to ruin the smooth feeling, im honestly quite dissappointed as this was my first purchase from TRL is there anyone else who has experienced this? ill add pictures tommorow as its quite late tonight and just to throw this in they look nothing at all like the saw cut picture ):
  7. Khollin

    Hello New to Chainmail

    i started a thread about how i started mailing, making my own rings and such. maybe you should check it out (: http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/topic/11173-khollins-misc-chainmail/
  8. Khollin


    what gauge is that if i may ask?
  9. just ordered some small galvy scales, might make a vambrce or dice bag with them, also ordered 24g and 22g titanium rings for a dragonscale micromail ring, and 22g stainless for another dragonscale MM ring for whoever I think wont lose it (: i cant wait for my order to arrive but it might be up to 3 weeks, oh well ill work on my other various projects before then. oh and this is my first order too

  10. Khollin

    Elf sheet bracelet with rubber rings?

    The way I understand it, any closed rings can be substituted for rubber rings. Assuming you make a bunch of closed rings and weave them with open rings, simply use rubber rings in place of closed rings
  11. Khollin

    AA - is it supposed to be so fragile?

    medical tape works good for me.
  12. Khollin

    Square wire

    the weird look. thats whats im aiming for (:
  13. Khollin

    Square wire

    makes sense, are you able to correct the twist to get the ends flush with eachother?
  14. Khollin

    Square wire

    has anyone noticed any quirks about the square wire rings? i havent used them and i have an idea about using them as the small rings in dragonscale. i was wondering if anyone has used them to make a sheet or bracelet, or mixed them with round rings like im going to try as soon as i decide what i want trl to include in my bag of plunder any pictures of projects with square rings you would like to add would be greatly appreciated. thanks all . . .
  15. Khollin

    More of my work

    how much does the dragonscale bracelet stretch? is there any way you could measure it open and closed, and provide me with the size of the rings used? that looks awesome (: